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Habib Tanvir Collection
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Charandas Chor
by Habib Tanvir      (Author ALERT)

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ProductID: 12522 - Paperback - 113 Pages (Year: 2004)
Seagull Books ~ ISBN: 8170461081

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This volume contains the translated play script, an introduction to Habib Tanvir’s heater, and a long interview covering the milestones in his career.

Who’re you? A man. I can see that. I’m asking your name and what you do. My name is Charandas and my profession thieving. Taken together that makes me Charandas the thief.

Impudent and irrepressible, Charandas is a thief with a difference. Having vowed never to lie, he manages to keep his work while robbing the rich blind. A typical folk hero, street smart and savvy, he runs rings around the forces of law and order till he comes up against one wall he cannot scale-his own commitment to the truth. And the unexpected twist at the end of this heart-warming comedy lifts the play onto another plane.

Charandas Chor by veteran playwright/director Habib Tanvir, performed by Naya Theatre’s Chattisgarhi folk artists, is a contemporary Indian classic. Folk actors on the contemporary stage, vibrant and self-confident, speaking their own dialect and performing their own material, was a novel experiment in Indian theatre. It opened up a new direction in theatre practice.

Charandas Chor, performed all over India and at festivals abroad, won the top award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 1982.

This volume contains the translated play script, an introduction to Habib Tanvir’s heater, and a long interview covering the milestones in his career.

 Table of Contents


My Milestones in Theatre

Charandas Chor


 About the Author

HABIB TANVIR, Journalist, actor, director, poet and playwright, is bets known for his path-breaking work with the Chhattisgarhi actors who form his company, Naya Theatre. His legendary award-winning production Charandas Chor is still in demand thirty years since it was first staged. He was awarded the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for Drama in 1970 and subsequently came to receive numerous honours including the Padma Shri and doctorates of Literature from the Khairagarh University of Music and Kalyani University. He has also been honoured with the Legends of India award.


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