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M Gnanavaram Collection
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Treasure in Heaven and Treasure on Earth
by M Gnanavaram      (Author ALERT)

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ProductID: 24256 - Paperback - 488 Pages (Year: 2008)
ISPCK ~ ISBN: 9788184580464

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The contrast between the predominantly poor Christian community setting and the radical and uncompromising attitude towards wealth and poverty and the more moderate tone of the material in a church which is increasingly affluent parallels the stark challenge to the contemporary world. The author challenges the view of modern scholars who explain the tradition merely in a religious sense. The eschatological reversal for which he argues is a radical challenge to the existing order offering hope of a new and alternative world order.

Jesus' exhortation to his disciples to 'lay up treasure in heaven' has often been misinterpreted by commenter who have given it a 'spiritual' meaning rather than taking it as a call to those with money to share with those in need. This may be a comfortable reading to those of us who come from the affluent West, but Dr. Bnanavaram looks at the relevant passages from the perspective of someone coming from the dalit community in India, and challenges the spiritualized interpretation.

 Table of Contents

Foreword - I
Foreword - II

Jewish Antecents in the Hebrew Scriptures for the NT Concept of Treasure in Heaven

History of the Synoptic Treasure in Heaven Tradition

The Treasure in Heaven of Matthew

The Treasure in Heaven in Luke

The Treasure in Heaven in 1 Timothy

The Treasure in Heaven in Epistle of James

Treasure in Heaven from Outside the NT

Summary and Conclusion

1. Possible background to the New Testament 'Treasure in heaven' in ancient Greece Roman literature
2. The 'Q' Material on Anxiety
3. Euthenics, Unity and Thematic Integrity of the Synoptic 'TiH' Tradition
4. Possession in the Undisputed Letters of Paul
5. Some Implications of the Research for Biblical Hermeneutics

Bibliography of works referred to


 About the Author

REVD DR M GNANAVARAM teaches New Testament in the TamilNadu Theological Seminary, Arasardi, Madurai for the past 22 years. He is an ordained minister in the Church of South India, hailing from Madurai-Ramanthapuram diocese where he served as a pastor for five years before he began to teach in the seminary. His special interest and contribution are in the area of New Testament Hermeneutics, especially from the perspective of the oppressed. He has written a lot on Dalit interpretation of the Bible and has published in journals and books. He received his PhD from Coventry University, England, with the supervision and guidance offered by Dr. David Wenham and Prof. Chris Rowland in Oxford.


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