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N S Ravishankar Collection
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Yoga for Health (Illustrated)
by N S Ravishankar      (Author ALERT)

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ProductID: 28401 - Paperback - 179 Pages (Year: 2009)
Pustak Mahal ~ ISBN: 9788122307245

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Yoga today is universally acknowledged as a natural way to sound health and overall physical and mental well-being. And given its popularity a variety of self-help yoga guides are available to the reader. But what makes this book unique is its approach and presentation.

The book packs over 100 yogic asanas thoroughly illustrated, and backed by well-designed techniques to perform specific exercise from first step to the last with each explanation followed by the therapeutic advantages of that posture.

From how Tadasana gives strength to legs and feet and stimulates nervous system, Gurudasana removes cramps in calf muscles, Natarajasana helps to reduce fat, it goes on to explain the benefits of Ardha, Chandrasana in strengthening digestive system, of Vatayanasana in curing joint pain, to list a few.

In addition the book offers an overview of this age –old science, besides a detailed index of different ailments and the names of asanas useful in curing them. A special chapter is also devoted to specific yogic exercises for Farmers, Pregnant Women, Aged people, Artists and Craftsmen, Models, Students, Executives and Sportsmen.

This guide has following special features:

Correct posture techniques to achieve full benefits.

Special section for Sportsmen, Pregnant women, Executives, Students and Aged People.

Written by a practising yoga expert having already treated thousands of patients.

 Table of Contents


1. Classification of Yoga
2. Common Requirements of Yoga
3. Surya Namaskara
4. Yogasana
1. Tadasana
2. Ardhakati Chakrasana
3. Trikonasana
4. Veerabhadrasana
5. Utkatasana
6. Vrikshasana
7. Padahastasana
8. Parshva Konasana
9. Parshvothanasana
10. Gurudasana
11. Ardha Padmothanasana
12. Uttitha Hastha Padangustasana
13. Uttanasana
14. Natarajasana
15. Tripura Harasana
16. Trivikramasana
17. Ardha Chandrasana
18. Ardha Chakrasana
19. Vatayanasana
20. Padmasana
21. Siddhasana
22. Vajrasana
23. Veerasana
24. Suptha Veerasana
25. Paryankasana
26. Buddha Konasana
27. Mandukasana
28. Sukhasana
29. Simhasana
30. Matsyasana
31. Kukkutasana
32. Parvatasana
33. Mayurasana Part I
34. Mayurasana Part II
35. Ekapada Shayanadanda Ekahastha Mayurasana
36. Janu Shirhasana
37. Parirutha Janu Shirshasana
38. Paschimothanasana
39. Urdhvamuka Paschimothanasana
40. Marichasana
41. Matsyendrasana
42. Gomukhasana
43. Ushtrasana
44. Laghu Vajrasana
45. Kurmasana
46. Upavista Konasana
47. Navasana
48. Angustasana
49. Kandasana
50. Bakasana
51. Mulabanasana
52. Samkonasana
53. Tittibhasana
54. Urdhwamukha Tittibhasana
55. Viparitha Karni
56. Sarvangasana
57. Halasana
58. Suptha Konasana
59. Setu Banda Sarvangasana
60. Jathara Parivarthanasana
61. Hanumanasana
62. Hanumana Valikilyasana
63. Vibhakta Janushirshasana
64. Ekapada Shirshasana
65. Chakorasana
66. Omkarasana
67. Dwipada Shirshasana
68. Dhandayman Ekapada Sikandasana
69. Yoga Nidhrasana
70. Bhujangasana
71. Purna Bhujangasana
72. Rajakapothasana
73. Ekapada Rajakapothasana
74. Shalabhasana I
75. Shalabhasana II
76. Purna Shalabhasana
77. Vipareetha Shalabhasana
78. Makarasana
79. Dhanurasana
80. Padangusta Dhanurasana
81. Purna Dhanurasana
82. Urdhva Dhanurasana
83. Akarna Dhanurasana
84. Shirshasana
85. Chakrasana
86. Purna Chakrasana
87. Viparitha Chakrasana
88. Savithrasana
89. Chakrabhandasana
90. Ghandaberundasana
91. Triangya Mukothanasana
92. Pincha MAyurasana
93. Adhomuka Vrikshasana
94. Vrischikasana I
95. Vrischikasana II
96. Pavanamukthasana
97. Karna Peedasana
98. Koundinyasana
99. Shirsha Padasana
100. Shavasana
5. Eye Care – Exercises
6. Pranayama
7. Meditation
8. Index of Yogic Exercises/Herbal Therapy for Various Diseases
9. Yogic Exercises for Special Persons


 About the Author

Born in 1962, N.S. Ravishankar belongs to the ebullient, efficient and effervescent younger generation that takes pride in making a difference to people’s lives with a high academic record to his credit. He is one of the better known contemporary Indian writers in English. He has been writing articles, essays, reviews, poems and stories on varied topics with include health and yoga, economics, finance and banking, management, social issues, literary and cultural topics. He is the recipient of prestigious Michael Madhusudan Award for yeoman service to the society, national award from all India freelance journalists association, outstanding achievement award from MSPI, Netaji award, Merit of Excellence from Srilanka, National Hind Rattan Award and many other honour. After extensive studies and research on yoga and health, more particularly on stress management, he has conducted several research studies and has been able to develop special Yoga and Meditation techniques for business professionals, executives and busy officials leading hectic schedules.


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