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Shri Guruji - Pioneer of a New Era
Shri Guruji - Pioneer of a New Era

Shri Guruji - Pioneer of a New Era

by C P Bhishikar

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Sahitya Sindhu Prakashana


8186595163 - Year: 2015 - Pages: 293



C P Bhishikar

Author: C P Bhishikar
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Sudhakar Raje
Publisher: Sahitya Sindhu Prakashana
Year: 2015
Language: English
Pages: 293
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8186595163



It is a matter of great pleasure for me to present this English translation of Shri Guruji's biography, which was originally written in Marathi and later rendered into Hindi. A small biography of Pujaniya Shri Guruji had been brought out in 1956 on the occasion of his fifty-first birthday. Shri Guruji strongly felt it improper to publicize any personal particulars about him. Consequently, no full-fledged biography could be written during his lifetime.

The seven volume titled 'Shri Guruji Sarnagra Darshan' was the result of the extensive source material collected after he passed away. However, this work contains very little biographical information about Shri Guruji, and whatever little there is, is scattered over seven volumes. For anyone desirous of knowing about Shri Guruji's life and achievements, it is not easy to go through so many volumes. Shri C. P. Bhishikar had made a name for himself with his biography of Pujaniya Dr. Hedgewar, titled 'Keshav: Sangh Nirmata'.

With Pujaniya Sri Balasaheb Deoras' encouragement he had published a biography of Shri Guruji also in the year 1982. Later, adding fresh material to it, he brought out a full biography in Marathi. Had some friends in Nagpur not rendered it into Hindi it would have been a loss for Hindi readers. Further, some senior R.S.S. workers helped in making the Hindi version more authentic and comprehensive by adding and at a few places rectifying the matter in the original Marathi book.

It is this final version in Hindi that has now been rendered into English by Shri Sudhakar Raje, the well known 'Satiricus' whose untiring efforts have made this present publication available to the vast English reading readership in our country and abroad also.


Shri M.S. Golwalkar was a leader with a 'broad national outlook' who always thought on all India basis. Shri Golwalkar had faith in spiritualism and had great regard for other religious faiths. He did not have a narrow view of any religion. In fact, he had love for the Muslims and only wanted them to join the national mainstream.
== Acharva Vinoba Bhave

He held a respected position in national life by the force of his personality and the intensity of his conviction, even though many of us could not agree with him.
== Smt. Indira Gandhi

He was able to create a large following and enforce strict discipline among his followers. Anyone who succeeds in introduc-ing discipline among a large body of people does a national service.
== Shri Jagjivan Ram

Shri Guruji was the Swamy Vivekananda of the modern era, steadfastly dedicated to the building of a great and glorious Bharat.
== Shri L.K. Advani

Sri Guruji personified the ideal of simplicity and dedication to duty. He ardently believed in the reforms of Hindu culture and traditions and worked for it zealously.
== Shri Zail Singh

Though it would appear paradoxical, yet the fact remains that he was respected among thinking Muslims - not because of his philosophy but because of his courage of conviction, pure honesty, free from hypocrisy.
== "Radiance" a Muslim weekly

The presence of Shri Golwalkar - a great man of culture - was most essential during the hard times through which the country was passing.
== Jain Muni Sushil Kumar



1. Background
2. Education and Samskar
In the mother's lap
In-born talent
A telling incident
3. Studying and Teaching at Kashi
Insatiable thirst for knowledge
Cultivating physical stamina
Life's direction
Call of the Himalayas
Entry into Sangh
4. At The Saragachhi Ashram
In search of the Guru
Some happy remembrances
Entering the field of action
5. Deciding His Life's Mission
Founder of the Sangh
Evolving a unique methodology
Shri Guruji decides upon his life's mission
Madkholkar wrote
Doctorji's comprehensive assessment
In-born tendency to serve
6. Shouldering Sarsanghchalak's Responsibility
Selection of the successor
Doctorji's legacy
In tune with the chosen mission
7. The Gory Chapter of Partition
Challenge of the situation
Shri Guruji's comprehensive grasp
In the hour of national crisis
Country on the brink of partition
Historic role of swayamsevaks
Shri Guruji's inspiring lead
A senior colleague's analysis
Not a settled fact forever: Shri Guruji
Shri Guruji's alertness
8. Gandhiji's Assassination: Anti-Sangh Campaign
A heart full of nectar
Plea for national consensus
The fire ordeal begins
In Jail
Extended Jail
Demand for Justice
Government's abrasive attitude
9. Successful Saga of Satyagraha
Battle of Dharma with.Adharma
Eye opener for the Government
Real reason for lifting the ban
Right from the horses' mouth
10. Era of Felicitations: Unerring Guidance
Uncompromising nationalism
Supremely serene as ever
Unwavering eye on the goal
11. Beacon of Hope for Sufferers
Invoking people's support
Earthquake in Assam
Under diverse circumstances
Formation of Bharatiya Janasangh
Away from the din of elections
In the light of election results
How to vote
Effect of no recall
The two of truths
Reject totalitarianism under any garb
Chips of the same anti-hindu block
For a right choice
12. Swadeshi and Cow Protection Campaigns
Awakening the Swadeshi spirit
Homage to revolutionaries
With the sadhus
Historic Signature Campaign
13. Nation's Alert Sentinel
Beyond election results
Linguistic re-organization of states
About Punjab
Liberation of Goa
Accession of Kashmir
Dr. Mukherji's martyrdom
The North-East
Emphasis on political consensus
Paternal bereavement
14. Mission Greater than the Individual
Unique birthday mission
Ambedkar embraces Buddism
With the Burmese leader
Message to the American people
A camp for significant guidance
15. The Early Sixties
A fitting memorial
Unique meeting point
The chinese aggression
Strengthening ties with Nepal
The King's inspiring message
Media reaction
1965 War: Advocacy of strategy of offence
16. Guidance to Various Activities towards National Resurgence
The labor field
In the field of education
Founding of a global Hindu forum
Shri Guruji himself shouted `Jai to the Dharmacharyas'
17. Under the shadow of Cancer
The surgery
Routine resumed
Atrocities in East Pakistan
18. The Final Study Camp
Comprehensive thinking
19. Farewell
Farewell message
20. The Sun Shines through the clouds
Universal Hindu Philosophy
Beyond social controversies
Comprehensive viewpoint
Holistic Hindu view of life
Warning about elections
Goodwill towards even opponents
Cultivate noble qualities
21. The Nation's Tributes
Eminent saints and Religious leaders
Leading political figures
The Media
22. A Loving Guide
One with the society
Rising above differences of opinion
One vast family
Tremendous vitality
Self criticism
Unbroken tradition of Sangh leadership
A life of ceaseless action
Like the adamant and the flower
Emphasis on regular daily samskaras
Friend of all
Tribute to Gandhiji
Versatile talent
Concentration on basic work
23. Chronology of Shri Guruji's Life
Shri Guruji's Horoscope

Appendix - 1
Appendix - 2


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