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Soul and Structure of Governance in India
Soul and Structure of Governance in India

Soul and Structure of Governance in India

by Jagmohan

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Allied Publishers


8177648314 - Year: 2005 - Pages: 516



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Author: Jagmohan
Publisher: Allied Publishers
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 516
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8177648314


The Soul and Structure of Governance in India is a path-breaking work of a profound thinker who has the practical experience of having served the nation as Lt Governor/Governor for about ten years, Member of Parliament for about fourteen years and Union Cabinet Minister for about five and a half years.

The book builds up, against the backdrop of history and contemporary events, both national and international, a case for an ethical state and ethical governance machinery which rest upon three main foundational planks-a rekindled mind, a reawakened soul and a set of redesigned and revitalized institutions. It underlines that such a state and such a governance machinery alone can enable India to attain its full potential, and if it fails to do so it could soon find itself writing another grammar of anarchy, adding another inglorious chapter to its history of about one thousand years of darkness.

The author underlines: The task of implementing the blueprint is a formidable one. It would call for courage, commitment, insight, historical perspective and creative and constructive powers of the highest order-the order to which post-1947 leadership has so far come nowhere near. Today, a truly historic challenge stares us in the face.

Jagmohan concludes by making an impassioned plea: Let history not condemn us. Let us not be written about as unworthy people who did not have the perception to see the challenge, or having seen it, did not know how to tackle it. Let it not be said that we were hollow men and women, who were made of poor clay, who nursed shallowness like a treasure, who made only pompous declarations, who betrayed a great heritage, who invariably opted for soft options and left dangerous infections in the roots unattended. Let it, on the other hand, be recorded that we were aware of our potential and strained every nerve to us it to the full. The worst verdict of history could be that we did not even attempt to set our fundamentals right and solve problems of far reaching consequences for our future.


It is a brilliant work, written with verve which derives its power from (the author’s) addiction to truth.
-Mulk Raj Anand

It is a great book indeed and it tells me much more about Kashmir that I ever learned from any other place.
-Michael Foot (Former British M P)

The one man who saved the Valley for the country last year, Jagmohan, His book (is) one of the most important to have been published in India.
-Arun Shourie in Economic Times

Awesomely documented book, he has minced no words about the indifference and incompetence and worse of Indian political leaders of all hues, The situation in Azad Kashmir is no different, There is no Jagmohan there to tell the truth.
-Bhabani Sen Gupta in an article in Hindustan Times

In any other country, the publication of a book along the lines of Mr Jagmohan’s recent offering would have triggered off a fierce controversy and political furore.
-Swapan Dasgupta in The Times of India

As a history of both modern and ancient Kashmir, his account in invaluable. In many respects this is the first detailed honest and forthright narration of the series of lapses and blunders which have led to the present situation, The disclosures about corruption at the highest levels of the State administration and vivid accounts of the politics of systematic deception leave one breatheless.
-K R Sunder Rajan in Pioneer




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