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Tantrism In Nepal
Tantrism In Nepal

Tantrism In Nepal

by V B Bajracharya

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Adroit Publications


8187392622 - Year: 2005 - Pages: 173



V B Bajracharya
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Author: V B Bajracharya
Publisher: Adroit Publications
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 173
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8187392622


This work is outcome of fourteen years research and innovative practice or experiment of more than twenty years. It confirms the existence of evil spirits and many kinds of black sprits and their trouble offering, pain and problem creating activities in the life of the people. The author moved here and there-sometimes to the graves, temples, inns, pilgrim centres etc to collect knowledge about how those harmful evil spirits and black spirits are controlled and how suffering people are healed. The author found that Nepalese people are highly influenced by these evil spirits and black spirits. People are suffering much from such spirits than other diseases.

In the book the author has vividly placed four types of symbolic Mandalay in which seven tantrically meaningful letters are included in each Mandala. Some other new tantric appliances are also presented in the book to draw people’s special attention to it.

The author has compared Science and Religion as well as discussed the Role of Tantrism in Hinduism and Buddhism, Gods and goddesses of higher tantric power of Nepal, Kinds of evil spirits and black harmful spirits and their influence in human life, Steps to control and put them away from human dwelling, High and secret ritual spells, New approach of tantrism and healing solution, Tantric Mandalas and Mandap and their functions.



A Short look into Century Old Tantrism Tantrism in Nepal


The first Mandala (A)
The second mandala (B)
The third mandala (C )
The fourth mandala (D)
Two Mandalas for double facing house
Double facing houses
East-North facing House
West-North facing House
East-South facing House
West-South facing house
Installation of Mandala
Ingredients of Guard Pot
The Black thread
Four Major Bases of the Tantrism
The first major base-the Sun
The second major base-Air
The third major base-Water
The fourth major base-Land
The inter relation of tantrism with other subjects
Meditation Mandap
Peculiarities of tantric rules


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