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The Art of Innovation - Lessons in Creativity
The Art of Innovation - Lessons in Creativity

The Art of Innovation - Lessons in Creativity

by Tom Kelley

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9781781256145 - Year: 2016 - Pages: 308



Tom Kelley
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Author: Tom Kelley
Foreword/Introduction: Tom Peters
Publisher: Hachette
Year: 2016
Language: English
Pages: 308
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9781781256145


The Art of Innovation has become the go-to read for any business that wants to be more creative in its thinking, products and processes — and with good reason. IDEO is one of the most innovative companies in the world; winner of more idea awards than any other design firm, it has designed hundreds of ground-breaking products, services, spaces and interactive experiences. Here, partner Tom Kelley shares its secrets for success.

Full of pithy, practical examples and written in a light and engaging style, The Art of Innovation provides you with the insights and tools you need to boost productivity, foster creativity, and take yourself and your company to the leading-edge of innovation.


A lot has happened since The Art of Innovation first hit the shelves fifteen years ago, and one of the things that has changed along the way is innovation itself. Back then, creativity and innovation seemed to live primarily on the fringes of the enterprise. Designers felt like they were relegated to the "kids table" of the commercial world, while the serious business was taking place in conference rooms and board-rooms down the hall. In the ensuing years however, as global competition heated up and companies felt the need for continuous renewal, suddenly creativity was needed every day—and in every part of the organization. In other words, now creativity is serious business.

Another change is that most of the ideas and methodologies described in this book have now been gathered under the umbrella of "Design Thinking". By definition, design thinking involves applying the creative tools and mindset that designers have used for decades to new challenges going well beyond what has traditionally been thought of as design. Three of the key ingredients in the recipe for design thinking are empathy, experimentation, and storytelling, and you will find them all here. "Beginning with an eye" in Chapter 3 is ultimately about sharpening your empathic abilities. The prototyping in Chapter 6 is about treating life as an experiment, whether you are building a physical model or just moving your idea one step further towards successful implementation. And Chapter 10's suggestions about creating experiences are tied to reinforcing powerful stories about a brand.

While many of the examples in this book involve physical products, designers at IDEO and elsewhere have since expanded the use of these tools in an increasingly broad range of situations. For example, we've used these methodologies on challenges ranging from envisioning the future of the kitchen for IKEA to building an innovative new school system in Peru to creating a digital strategy for the Royal Academy of Art.

`Innovation has spurted to the top of the "requisite core competence list" for companies of all shapes and sizes. And still, nobody does it better than IDEO.'
== Tom Peters



Foreword by Tom Peters
1. Innovation at the top
2. Winging it in start-up mode
3. Innovation begins with an eye
4. The perfect brainstorm
5. A cool company needs hot groups
6. Prototyping is the shorthand of innovation
7. Build your greenhouse
8. Expect the unexpected
9. Barrier jumping
10. Creating experiences for fun and profit
11. Zero to sixty
12. Coloring outside the lines
13. In search of the “WET NAP” interface
14. Live the future
15. Getting in the swing


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