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The Concept of War  -  In Indian and Western Political Thought
The Concept of War - In Indian and Western Political Thought

The Concept of War - In Indian and Western Political Thought

by Sanghamitra Dasgupta

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9788124607329 - Year: 2014 - Pages: 214



Sanghamitra Dasgupta
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Author: Sanghamitra Dasgupta
Publisher: D K Printworld
Year: 2014
Language: English
Pages: 214
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788124607329


War makes life miserable for both the parties involved, the invader and the invaded. No war is fought without losing men and material, stripping off societal life and political order. Simultaneously it contributes to the progress of the society and preserves the liberty and honor of a state. From the Vedic period of India and the epic period of Greece, we have records of wars, and deliberations on the logic, philosophy, politics, ethics, strategies (pre- and post-war) of war, and the ways of reconstructing the war-ravaged societies, paving the way for drastic social and economic changes.This volume scans the Indian and Western views and approaches on war in the ancient and modern times. To understand the concept of war in ancient period, it analyses Rigveda, Manusmriti, Ramayana, Mahabharata and Arthasastra from the Indian parlance and the philosophies of Plato and Aristotle from the Western perspectives. It also makes an in-depth study on the war philosophies of modern Indian leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Sri Aurobindo, Vinayak Damodar Savarkar and S. Radhakrishnan, and Western philosophers like John Locke, Immanuel Kant, Georg Friedrich Hegel and Bertrand Russell.The book also explains the nature of war, its socio-economic and political aspects, and how the moral and social ethical concepts are related pragmatically to the issue of war. The author echoes serious concerns about the ways by which the present-day global majors approach war.


ContentsPrologue 1. Ancient Indian View on the Concept of War The Rgvedic Concept of War Puranas on War War in Ramayana Prespective Concept of War in Mahabharata War Concept in Manu Samhita (Manusmriti) Interpretation of War in the Arthasastra 2. Critical Analysis and Interpretation of War: Ancient Indian ViewTrails of Contemporary Wars The Concept of Consequentialism The Concept of Utilitarianism 3. Modern Indian Political Thought on War Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869–1948) Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (1888–1975) Sri Aurobindo Ghosh (1872–1950) Vinayak Damodar Savarkar (1883–1966) Conclusion 4. War: Issues and Concerns in Western Political ThoughtPlato (427–347 bce) Aristotle (384–322 bce) John Locke (1632–1704) Immanuel Kant (1724–1804) Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770–1831) Bertrand Arthur Russell (1872–1970) Conclusion 5. A Synthesis: Indian and Western Perspectives and a Reflection on the Present-day WarBibliography Index

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