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The Human Interest And Other Addresses and Short Essays
The Human Interest And Other Addresses and Short Essays

The Human Interest And Other Addresses and Short Essays

by N. Sri Ram

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Theosophical Publishing


817059393-X - Year: 2005 - Pages: 208



N. Sri Ram
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Author: N. Sri Ram
Publisher: Theosophical Publishing
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 208
ISBN/UPC (if available): 817059393-X


The complexity of modern society is so great that many individuals feel lost and insignificant. In this collection of essays, former President of the Theosophical Society, N. Sri Ram, discusses the many aspects of the life of the Individual human being which are of vital significance.

Some of the subjects dealt with are: ‘The other’s Point of View’, Happiness,’ ‘Youth ‘, ‘Love Conquers all Things’, ‘Peace and Goodwill’, ‘Beauty and Art’.

The Varity of Subjects in this collection have intimate relevance to every person who aspires to find inner stability and happy relationships. The author is known for his deep philosophical understanding, expressed in a simple way.




1. The Human Interest
2. The Other’s Point of View
3. A Sense of Values
4. The Play of Opposites
5. The Activity of Desire
6. On Karma
7. Life and Death
8. Liberation
9. God and Man
10. The Great illusion
11. Happiness
12. Youth
13. From Darkness to Light
14. The Communion of Saints
15. Truth
16. Devotion
17. Loyalty
18. Reverence
19. Right Action
20. Innocence
21. Love Conquers all things
22. Power in Tranquility
23. Wisdom in the Heart
24. Peace and Goodwill
25. Paths to the Same Goal
26. Plane and Sphere
27. The Veil of Time
28. Manifestation and Pralaya
29. Evolution from Above
30. The Plan of God
31. Man and the Universe
32. Spirit, Spiritual and Spirituality
33. Center to Circumference
34. Beauty and Art
35. Totality of Truth

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