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The Magic 'Degh' - Sikh Stories for Children
The Magic 'Degh' - Sikh Stories for Children

The Magic 'Degh' - Sikh Stories for Children

by Pushpendra Singh

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KW Publishers


9789380502632 - Year: 2011 - Pages: 192



Pushpendra Singh
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Author: Pushpendra Singh
Publisher: KW Publishers
Year: 2011
Language: English
Pages: 192
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9789380502632


The Magic Degh retells those Sikh stories and legends which highlight the core values propounded by Guru Nanak. They flow from his fundamental belief that all human beings – men and women – are created equal. These values have resonated through the centuries. The episodes illustrate Guru Nanak’s Golden Rules: live and work honestly; share your earnings with the needy and always remember the Creator. They also highlight the Sikh traditions of sewa and sacrifice, which remain vibrant even in the 21st Century, as the book recounts.

Guru Gobind Singh created the Khalsa Commonwealth to defend people of all faiths against tyranny and State terror as reflected in the Sikh salutation, ‘Degh; Tegh; Fateh!’ This has added relevance in today’s turbulent times.

The stories aim at kindling children’s interest in the traditions and universal values of the Sikhs.



1. The Sikhs: Legends and Traditions
2. The Child Nanak
3. The Sacred Thread
4. Three Golden Rules
5. We are all Brothers
6. The Sweet Taste of Truth and Honesty
7. Guru Nanak at Haridwar
8. The Multi-crorepati
9. Where is God?
10. The Faqir of Hasan Abdal
11. Babur Conquers Punjab
12. The Guru’s Langar
13. Guru-Sahib and Humayun
14. Shelter for the Homeless
15. The Greedy Merchant
16. The Emperor and the Magical Degh
17. Baba Buddha-Ji
18. The Durbar Sahib
19. Jahangir
20. Miri–Piri Da Malik
21. Painde Khan
22. Guru Har Rai—The Seventh Guru
23. The Saviour from Suffering
24. Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji
25. Guru Tegh Bahadur’s Personal Example
26. Guru Gobind and Syed Budhu Shah
27. Creation of the Khalsa
28. The Charm of the Khalsa
29. Anandpur Besieged
30. A Horrible Crime
31. Forgiveness for the Traitors
32. An Eternal Guru
33. Banda Bahadur—The First Sikh Ruler
34. Magic of the ‘Degh’ in Modern Times

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