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The Master of Gujarat - A Historical Novel

by K M Munshi

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Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan


8172760590 - Year: 1995 - Pages: 501



K M Munshi
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Author: K M Munshi
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): N D Jotwani
Publisher: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Year: 1995
Language: English
Pages: 501
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172760590


The Master of Gujarat is the English rendering of K.M. Munshi's enormously successful historical novel Gujarat-no Nath, first published in the early part of this century. Several generations of Gujarati readers have enjoyed reading it and, many readers frankly confess, reading it over and over again!

King Jayasinghdev Solanki, Queen Mother Meenaldevi, Prime Minister Munjal Mehta, as well as King Navghan and the dashing Prince Khengar of Saurashtra, are well-known figures in the medieval History of Gujarat. Based on certain historical incidents of that period, some folklore of Saurashtra, and his own intimate knowledge of the culture and history of Gujarat, Munshi wrote this immensely entertaining novel, which is now being made available to book- lovers for the first time in an English rendering.



Part I
1. On a Cold, Dark Night
2. The Two Men under the Tree
3. In Patan
4. The Rulers of Patan
5. How does Krishnadev Spend his Time?
6. Kak Thinks he is King
7. Kashmiradevi
8. Uncle and Niece Discuss Policy
9. Brother Vishaldev Gets Tipsy
10. Krishnadev's Message
11. Kak's Version of the Message
12. The Road to Khambhat
13. Khatib
14. Welcome to Khambhat
15. Udayan Mehta
16. At Udayan's House
17. Can Kak Alter the Course of History?
18. Kak does not Return Empty-Handed
19. On the Sea
20. On King Navghan's Trail
21. Navghan is Caught
22. In Search of the Governor
23. Two Warriors

Part II
1. Commander Ubak
2. Kirtidev
3. Munjal Mehta's Heart
4. The Many Ways of Destiny
5. Who is the Master?
6. Why is Kak Much in Demand?
7. Manjari's Men
8. Two Old Friends
9. Kirtidev's Mission
10. Friendship at Midnight
11. Hingraj Chachar's Steps
12. Why does Manjari Agree to Get Married?
13. Kak Loses Faith in his Powers of Persuasion
14. The Equations of Power
15. The Seeds of Power
16. Deora of the Village Kaldi
17. The Royal Court

Part III
1. Kirtidev Makes his Plans
2. Kak's Little Work
3. Kirtidev Meets Munjal
4. Kashmiradevi Continues her Campaign
5. The Bridal Chamber
6. The Conspirators
7. Down Memory Lane
8. A Visit to the Pond
9. The Search for Udayan-Whose Horse should Kak Use?
10. In a Deep Dungeon
11. The Search
12. The Ruling
13. A Matter of Two Hearts
14. Two Prisoners
15. Discovery
16. Manjari Saves her Husband's Honour
17. Karkasuri and the Tale of the Aged Doe
18. Tale of the Aged Doe's Young
19. External Affairs
20. Kak Thinks Kirtidev is Mad
21. Shrimali Gate
22. Kak's Efforts Come to Nought
23. Munjal Turns Blood-Thirsty
24. Kirtidev's Ancestry
25. Kirtidev's Father
26. The Bridal Chamber Revisited

Part IV
1. Justice
2. Towards Saurashtra
3. The King's Hunting Trip
4. The Parting
5. Prince Khengar
6. King Navghan's Pledge
7. King Khengar
8. Humbled Pride
9. The Search for Kak
10 Kak is Found
11. Lover of Sweets
12. Escape
13. Stairway to Heaven-Descent or Ascent?
14. What does Dawn Witness?
15. One Handsome Couple Meets Another
16. How does Jayadev's Nose Get Rubbed in the Ground?
17. The Right to Happiness
18. Jayadev's Fear
19. Farewell

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