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The Mind of the Cells
The Mind of the Cells

The Mind of the Cells

by Satprem

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Mira Aditi


9788188893256 - Year: 2010 - Pages: 214



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Author: Satprem
Translator(s): Jennifer Low / Michel Danino
Publisher: Mira Aditi
Year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 214
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788188893256


Six billion Homo Sapiens are now learning the futility of their means of existence, just as one day a few fish learned the futility of their gills on a parched land. If thee fish improve their aquatic science, invent new fins and new philosophies, they are mistaken. The question is whether we will find the way, not to improve human suffocation, but to live differently and be differently on the earth.

Is there in this human body a spring, a lever which will enable us to change our conditions on earth, just as three millions years ago, a first mental vibration prepared
Einstein and the Boeing 747?

What vibration? Where, in the body? Could it be that life's aw material, the cell, conceals a power of consciousness or a "vibratory mode" that would make obsolete all our cerebral means and our dead-end devices?

A Mind of the Cells that will open up new energy sources to us, new means f communication, a new power to handle Matter. A new biology and a new consciousness that will enable us to meet the challenge of a species on its way to self-destruction.

Such is Sri Aurobindo's and Mother's incredible discovery in the cells of the body, at a time when the earth is asphyxiating. For " Salvation is physical", said she, who at the age of eighty dared to knock at the body's last door, and who made the most tremendous discovery since Darwin.


A Passport to Where


The New Element
The Other State

The Next Kingdom
- The New Functioning
- Tactile Vision
- The Great Body
- The Supramental Contagion

The Descent into the Body
- The Mortal Habit
- The Mental Layers

The Physical Mind

Through the Web
- The Supramental Vibration
- Between Two States

The New Physics
- The Other Time
- A substitution of Vibration
- The Transparent Secret

The Mind of the Cells
- The Training of the Cells
- The New Principle of Centralization
- Free Matter
- A New Mind

The Eyes of the Body
- The Net
- The Living and the Dead

Over Life
- Life and Death
A Dangerous Unknown

Mother's Departure

Apocalypse or Fairy Tale?

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