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The Officer As A Leader
The Officer As A Leader

The Officer As A Leader

by S.L..A. Marshall

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Natraj Publishers


8181580435 - Year: 2005 - Pages: 288



S.L..A. Marshall
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Author: S.L..A. Marshall
Publisher: Natraj Publishers
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 288
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8181580435


The Officer as a Leader is a remarkable book on military leadership, wherein the author discusses the psychology of a leader and what it takes to be one. In this now famous book, he points out the thirteen mistakes that every leader should avoid that are now as well known in armies across the world as are the Ten Commandments.

S.L.A. Marshall has looked at the arena of battle loosely and analysed situational and circumstances that question and test human psychology. His suggestions are thus all encompassing, focusing on the minute as well as the larger picture.

While there are several book that focus on war realities and decisions taken under pressure, this book lays emphasis on the psychological competence that is required of an officer to lead in times of war.

A classic, this book continues to hold place of pride on the military bookshelf.




1.Your Commission
2. Your Code as a Leader
3. Responsibility and Privilege of the Leader
4. Knowing Your Job as a Leader
5. The Problem of Career
6. Speaking and writing
7. Dealing with People
8. Keeping Your House in Order
9. Wartime Expansion
10. Instruction - Essential Art of the Leader
11. The Nature of discipline
12. The Meaning of Morale
13. Elements of Esprit
14. Knowing the Men You Lead
15. Your Relationships With You Lead
16. Your Men’s Moral and Physical welfare
17. Keeping Your Men Informed
18. Counseling Your Men
19. Using Rewards and Punishment
20. Fitting Your Men to Jobs
21. The Mission
22. Great Leaders - What kind of men?
23. Developing Leadership
24. Human Nature and Leadership
25. Group Nature and Leadership
26. The Leading of Americans in Combat



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