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The Sovereignty of the Sikh Doctrine
The Sovereignty of the Sikh Doctrine

The Sovereignty of the Sikh Doctrine

by Jasbir Singh Ahluwalia

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Singh Brothers


8172053703 - Year: 2006 - Pages: 272



Jasbir Singh Ahluwalia
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Author: Jasbir Singh Ahluwalia
Publisher: Singh Brothers
Year: 2006
Language: English
Pages: 272
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8172053703


Dr Jasbir Singh Ahluwalia is nationally and internationally recognized as a leading Sikh scholar and Punjabi writer, with over three dozen books, in Punjabi and English. He has been recognized in the history of Punjabi literature as a pioneer of a literary era known as the modernist phase.

His seminal book The Sovereignty of the Sikh Doctrine is considered an authoritative text on Sikh philosophy. Byword-a prestigious journal in English-commented that the role of Dr Ahluwalia in interpreting Sikhism in modern idiom and perspective is comparable to that of Dr S Radhakrishnan in respect of Hinduism,

Angela Dietrich of University of Heidelberg. West Germany hailed this book as the most significant contribution to date to the sociology of Sikhism, a field of academic inquiry which has so far been sorely neglected. Dr Gopal Singh wrote, It needed a man of very high scholarship, deep commitment to the basics of the Sikh faith and to history who could make out a case for locating the genesis of the Sikh identity. In my opinion, Dr Aluwalia has redeemed Sikh scholarship which is now reduced to delineating only the obvious, the customary, the usual, and hence the least controversial. Dr Jasbir Singh Aluwalia is thus both a pioneer and a challenger in this field.





Introduction: Problems of Defining and Locating the Sikh Identity
Exegesis of Sikhism-The Methodological and Ideological Crisis
The Quintessence of Sikhism-The Doctrinal Sovereignty
The Sikh Metaphysics-Some Fundamental Problems
The Concept of Akal Murat
The Meaning and Significance of rituals and Sacraments
Introduction to Sri Guru Granth Sahib
A Conceptual Study of the Sikh Scripture
The Five Khands of Guru Nanak’s Japji
The Conception of Policy in Sikh Religion
Sri Akal Takht
The Nature and Role of Organization in Sikhism
A Critique of the Attempts at Destroying the Sovereign Self-Identity of Sikhism
Sikhism and Marxism
Sikhism and the Challenges of Contemporary Modes of thought
Sikhism: A Recapitulation
The Sikh Problem Today
The Challenges-A Retrospection
Ideological Problems of the Third Millennium Civilization
Sikhism and the third Millennium Civilization
The Dialectics of Ethnic and Ethno-religious Consciousness
A Critique of Antireligious Dialogue Today



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