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The World Within - You are the Story of Humanity
The World Within - You are the Story of Humanity

The World Within - You are the Story of Humanity

by J Krishnamurti

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Krishnamurti Foundation India


9788187326830 - Year: 2015 - Pages: 234



J Krishnamurti

Author: J Krishnamurti
Publisher: Krishnamurti Foundation India
Year: 2015
Language: English
Pages: 234
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788187326830


During the Second World, War (l939- I945) Krishnamurti did not speak publicly in the United States but lived quietly in Ojai, California. People sought him out and came to dialogue with him on many issues of the times or on their own personal dilemmas. Their problems were universal human problems, and each made true his statement that ‘You are the world.’ As Krishnamurti unwound the tight threads of their thinking and feeling, the core or source of a concern was revealed, unadorned and without blame or guilt.

These interviews are being published nearly seventy years after Krishnamurti wrote them.

There is only reality, the supreme without a second. There is only one humanity and one righteousness, and the way to its realization does not lie through any other path, through any other person save through yourself Seek your own deliverance, and then you will deliver the world from its confusion and conflict, its sorrow and antagonism. For you are the world, and your problem is the world's problem. If you are clinging to your beliefs, to your petty gods, to your nationality, to your possessions, to your leaders, then you will create a world of confusion and con?ict of sects, of racial and religious prejudices, of economic and ideological frontiers, ever leading to separation, breeding ill will, multiplying catastrophes.




1. Anger And Intolerance
2. The Voice of Reality?
3. The joyous and Aching Problem of Birth And Death
4. The ‘Me’ and the ‘Mine’
5. Psychological Dependence
6. Man and Machine
7. Lust Is in the Mind
8. Charity Without Barriers
9. Devotions Nullified by Antagonism
10. A Different Standard of Living
11. You Have Created the World’s Problem
12. Healing Oneself
13. Society’s Barbarous Game
14. A Peaceful Interval or True Peace?
15. The Problem of Sex
16. Writing Down Your Thoughts
17. Right Thinking, Not Right Thoughts
18. The Self-Enclosing Walls
19. Beyond All Religions
20. What Is the Label, What Is the Actual?
21. Not by Bread Alone
22. Was it His Karma to Die in This Way?
23. The Poison of Hate
24. At the Crossroads of Life
25. Seeking Encouragement from Outside
26. Asceticism and the Other Ways of Power
27. What Is Awareness?
28. Disturbing Dreams
29. The Greatness of Relationship Is Its Very Insecurity
30. To Affect the Whole, the Part Must Transform Itself
31. Right Livelihood
32. Decision or Understanding?
33. Turning Everything to One’s Benefit
34. Prayer, a Complex Affair
35. Crying for the Living or for the Dead?
36. The Unspiritual Closed Circle
37. The Pages of Self-Knowledge
38. Your Subconscious Demands
39. Belief in the Masters
40. Loneliness, With Its Panicky Fears
41. Nationalism, a Poison
42. The Dull and the Sensitive Areas
43. How the Mind Reproduces Itself
44. On Smoking—and the Much Larger Problem
45. The Profession of Acting
46. On Homosexuality
47. The Flow of Self-Awareness into Pools of Meditation
48. When Your Inner Light Goes Out
49. Become Aware of the Past Through the Present
50. The Seeds of Corruption in Organizations
51. To Live Alone or in Close Relationship?
52. Aren’t You Wasting Your Life?
53. Repetitive, Trivial, Unfinished Thoughts
54. Digging Deeply and Lying Fallow
55. Understand a Problem Not on Its Own Level
56. Attachment and Detachment Are Both Gratifying
57. Theories and Explanations Are Hindrances
58. To Kill or Not to Kill
59. Re-Educating the Parents
60. The Observer and the Observed
61. The Conflict Between Instinct and Conditioning
62. Between Awareness and Distraction
63. The Mind Becomes What It Possesses
64. Aggressiveness in Relationships
65. Thought Points Out the Thinker
66. Feel out Rather Than Be Clever
67. Learning Through War Games the Language Of Killing
68. Escaping Through the Ideal and Through lnsensitivity
69. Your Overcrowded Mind
70. To Think Is to Be Afraid
71. The Two \Ways of Accepting Sorrow
72. The Clever, Forewarned Intellect
73. A Family to Fill Your Emptiness
74. The Maker of Effort, of Choice
75. Capacities and Gifts Are Dangerous Friends
76. In Seeking the Real, Bread Will Be Supplied
77. Memory Must Become as an Empty Shell
78. The Helper and the Helped
79. The Scars That Experience Leaves
80. To Reform Politics Is to Waste Thought
81. Speculation About Reality or Direct Experience?
82. Will You Allow Yourself to Be Killed by the Enemy?
83. A Teacher’s Dilemmas
84. Can I Find God in a Fox-Hole?
85. In the Immediate Does Not Lie the Answer
86. The Educated Shell of Our Conditioning
87. To Be Successful Is Misery to Others and for Oneself
88. Understanding Conflict
89. Patterns Comfort Us into Dullness
90. Right Meditation

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