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The World as Power
The World as Power

The World as Power

by Sir John Woodroffe

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Ganesh & Company


818598817X - Year: 2001 - Pages: 477



Sir John Woodroffe
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Author: Sir John Woodroffe
Publisher: Ganesh & Company
Year: 2001
Language: English
Pages: 477
ISBN/UPC (if available): 818598817X


This work explains succinctly some general philosophical principles of the Doctrine of Sakti which is found, expressly or implicitly, in the Tantras of the Agama Sastra of the Advaita Sakta and Saiva communities of worshippers.

There is a Supreme Reality which is Eternal and Indefinable. It is an Absolute, Inconceivable and ineffable-the Brahman. Unknowable in its utterness, this reality presents itself to us in three supreme terms of its Truth: an absolute Existence, Sat; an a absolute Consciousness, Cit; and an absolute Bliss, Ananda. This is the poise of Brahman turned towards self-revelation.

It perceives itself as an infinite Existence; not a mere existence but a Being with a full awareness of all that It is, an infinite Consciousness. This Consciousness inherent in the supreme Being is no static awareness it is instinct with a Power, a Force dynamic with all the content of the Consciousness. And the nature of this self-conscient Existence is an inalienable Delight. All is a manifestation out of this triune status of the Eternal, Sat-Cit-Ananda.

This is the theme of the present book by Sir John Woodroffe. Sir John has written numerous volumes on Indian religion and Culture; but of all of them this series on the Doctrine of Consciousness-Power has a special important providing as it does a closely reasoned basis for the subsequent development of his unsurpassed exposition of the philosophy and practice of the Sakta Agama.

The author describes how the entire universe and its constituents is a spread-out, prasara, of the Supreme Power, the Adya Sakti, the Divine Consciousness as Force. Spiritual and transcendent in its pristine station above, it bursts forth as and in the Universe, constituting or becoming the several orders of creation by a graded self-formulation and modification of itself in denser and denser forms of existence.

All creation ultimately resolves itself into a vibrant manifestation of a supreme Consciousness-Force, the Divine Sakti, in the Ebullience of Her native Ananda. It is One Lila. The Play is Real. The player is the Real of the reals. And man too has a part to play. Whether he will live in ignorance and be a puppet or, growing in Knowledge and Consciousness, he will liberate himself into an identity with the dynamic Sakti and thus freely participate as a conscious player, is the choice before each individual.


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