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The Young Person s Guide to Living Islam
The Young Person’s Guide to Living Islam

The Young Person s Guide to Living Islam

by Asli Kaplan

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Goodword Books


9788178988429 - Year: 2013 - Pages: 149



Asli Kaplan
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Author: Asli Kaplan
Publisher: Goodword Books
Year: 2013
Language: English
Pages: 149
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788178988429


Recognition of the Creator, faith in His existence and unity is the greatest privilege, the most delightful experience of a human's life. Faith is strongly interrelated with worship, and worship is both a spiritual nourishment and protection of faith; therefore, if a human is deprived of worship, then faith weakens gradually with each day that passes.

God Almighty created every entity with a purpose, ascribing every creation on earth, ranging from the tiniest grain to the stars in the Heavens, with a specific duty and rendered this duty a form of worship. We humans are honored to be His representatives on earth with innumerous blessings bestowed upon us; the only thing our Creator asks from us is to recognize and glorify Him.

Worship is the most excellent means of expressing our gratitude, the means of showing affection and glorification for all the divine blessings that have been granted. Fulfilling our duty of worship to perfection is dependent on having accurate knowledge of how to perform various forms of worship, whether this is praying, fasting, reciting the Qur’an, or giving charity.

This book is a form of guidance for the youth of today, a guide for their everyday lives. Aiming to meet the practical needs of English-speaking readers for their daily worship, this guide is one that is essential for every Muslim young person



Publisher’s Note

Part 1: Why Do We Worship?
All of Existence Worships God
The Obligation and Conditions of Worship

Part 2: Physical and Spiritual Purity
Islam Is the Religion of Purity
Purification of Material Impurities
Ablution: The Purification of Spiritual Impurities
Ghusl: The Complete Ablution
Tayammum: Purity without Water

Part 3: Matters Specifically Regarding Women
Matters of Concern to Muslim Women
Haydh (Menstruation)
Nifas (Post-Childbirth Bleeding)
Istihadha (Bleeding due to Illness)

Part 4: Daily Prayers: The Main Pillar of Religion
What is the Prayer?
Adhan: The Call to Prayer
The Conditions of Prayer
The Wajib (Necessary) Acts of Prayer
The Sunnah Acts of Prayer
The Five Prescribed Prayers
How to Perform the Prayers
Congregational Prayers
Qada Prayer
Supererogatory (Nawafil) Prayers
Friday (Jumu’ah) Prayer
Tarawih Prayer
Prayer of Those Travelling
‘Iyd Prayer
Funeral Prayer
The Blessed Days and Nights

Part 5: Fasting: Half of Patience
What is fasting? What is the purpose of fasting?

Part 6: Charity: The Bridge of the Religion
What is Zakah?

Part 7: Hajj: Holy Journey to the House of God
What is Hajj?
Sacrifice: The Mount for Crossing the Sirat Bridge
A Prayer of Hope

Short Surahs and the Prayers

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