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Theology - Christian and Hindu
Theology - Christian and Hindu

Theology - Christian and Hindu

by E Ahmad-Shah

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Lucknow Publishing House


9788187739593 - Year: 2012 - Pages: 160



E Ahmad-Shah

Author: E Ahmad-Shah
Publisher: Lucknow Publishing House
Year: 2012
Language: English
Pages: 160
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788187739593


This is a revised edition of a book that has been of interest and value to Christian and Hindu students of comparative religion who are starters—or “babes” as the author describes them—in the quest for the Truth. In the first part the author introduces the reader to knowledge of God through knowledge of Christ, dividing the discussion into Christology, Cosmology, Soteriology, Ruachology and Eschatology.

In the second, he gives a discourse concerning God in Indian terminology, bringing out the differences between Christian and Hindu concepts of what appear to be parallel doctrines, such as Salvation and Mukti. The writer has carefully revised the first edition in the light of suggestions and criticisms received from knowledgeable Hindus and Christians.



Preface to the second edition

Part I: Theology for the babes in Christ
Introduction – (Theology in Christology)

I. Christology – Discourse Concerning Christ
II. Cosmology – Discourse Concerning the Universe
III. Soteriology – Discourse Concerning the Plan of Salvation
IV. Qodesh – Ruachology – Discourse Concerning the Holy Spirit
V. Eschatology – Discourse Concerning Last or Final Things

Part II: Theology in Indian Terminology
Introduction – Periods of Indian Thought

I. Brahman Vadin (Discourses on Brahman)
1. Knowledge of God in Sanatan Dharma
A. In the Vedic-cum-Brahmanic Period
B. In the Epic Period
C. In the Eclectic Period (Mostly Bhakti)

2. In the Scholastic Period
A. Advaitic Vedanta (Samkara)
B. Vaisista Advaitic Vedanta (Ramanuja)
C. In Saiva Siddhanta
D. Knowledge of God in the Gita

II. Virata Vadin – (Discourses on Cosmos)
1. In the Vedic-cum-Brahmanic Period
A. Cosmogony
B. Cosmology

2. A. In Advaitic Vedanta (Samkara)
B. In Vaisista Advaitic Vedanta (Ramanuja)
3. In Saiva Siddhanta
4. Cosmology in the Gita

III. Moksha Vadin – (Discourses Concerning Liberation)
1. The State of Moksha
2. Means of Moksha

IV. Eschatology (Discourses Concerning Last Things)
V. Theology for the Saffron Robe

1. A. For Advaitists (Non-dualists – Impersonalists)
B. For Vaisistic Advaitists (Modified non-dualists – Personalists)
2. Cosmology for the Saffron Robe
3. Moksha for the Saffron Robe
4. Eschatology for the Saffron Robe

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