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Upadesha Sahasri - A Thousand Teachings

by Sri Sankaracharya

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Sri Ramakrishna Math


9788171200597 - Year: 2014 - Pages: 315



Sri Sankaracharya
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Author: Sri Sankaracharya
Translator(s)/ Editors(s): Swami Jagadananda
Publisher: Sri Ramakrishna Math
Year: 2014
Language: English
Pages: 315
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788171200597


Upadesasahasri written by Sri Sankara, the great Teacher, is translated into English with explanatory footnotes, which will be found useful by readers while going through the book.

References to Upanishats, the Vedanta Aphorisms and the Bhagavata-Gita mostly quoted by the author have been carefully traced and shown at the bottom of the pages, which, it is presumed, will throw much clear light on the Text and solve difficulties.

In his eagerness to do good to people, the great author, while writing the book, has spared no pains in making clear the idea of the distinction between oneself and one’s body, mind, etc., which, when rightly comprehended under the benevolent guidance of a Teacher, a man of Knowledge, will perfectly convince one that one in not other than the Unlimited Bliss untouched by hunger and thirst, grief and delusion, old age and death, the only real Existence, the Goal of all human beings to be realized in life.

Ramatirtha’s glossary on Sankara’s Upadesasahasri has been followed in translating the book and appending footnotes.

Certain words, not to be found in the text but necessary for making the meaning clear, have been placed within brackets. Explanatory paragraphs have been added to the translation in a few places. In studying the book one may begin either with the prose part or the metrical. We have adopted the most acceptable readings after consulting the Nirnayasagar, Lotus Library and Mysore editions of the book.

An index to the verses appended at the end of the book will, it is hoped, be found useful.




1. A method of enlightening the disciple
2. The knowledge of the changeless and non-dual Self
3. Repetition


1. Introduction
2. Negation
3. Self-Brahman
4. The nature of right knowledge
5. Error in understanding
6. Negation of attributes
7. Knowledge through the intellect
8. Merging of the mind
9. Subtleness and pervasiveness
10. Right conception of the nature of Consciousness
11. Nature of the Witness
12. Light
13. Eyelessness
14. Dream and memory
15. Impossibility of one being another
16. Consisting of earth
17. Right knowledge
18. Thou art That
19. A conversation between the Self and the Mind

Index to Slokas

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