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Vedic Gayatri Mantras   (2-MUSIC CD Pack)
Vedic Gayatri Mantras (2-MUSIC CD Pack)

Vedic Gayatri Mantras (2-MUSIC CD Pack)

by Govind Saraswati

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CDNF 153271/72 - Year: 2006 - Pages: N/A


Music CD Box

Govind Saraswati
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Author: Govind Saraswati
Publisher: RPG/Saregama
Year: 2006
Language: Music
Pages: N/A
ISBN/UPC (if available): CDNF 153271/72


The Gayatri Mantra is the mother of Vedas and the destroyer of all sins and misdeeds committed by man. The Gayatri Mantra is the sweet-fruit of the severe penance and meditation of our ancient Saints and Rishis. Gayatri followers come to be showered with many blessings which manifest in the form of a Long-Life, Abundance of Wealth (Lakshmi), Birth of a male child in the family, Great Deeds, and Lasting fame, leading to a fulfilling life.

The ignorant man in his life-time commits several seemingly trivial sins. It is mandatory that he be cleansed of their ill-effects in due course for a harmonious and trouble free-existence.

Consistent Chanting or listening to the Gayatri-Mantra is the auspicious and only remedy to overcome the damage caused by these sins. The Gayatri Mantra is beneficial to all & promises undying prosperity to its seekers. It is also most powerful amongst all mantras.

This bouquet of Gayatri Mantras, Vedic Gayatri Mantras for all days of the week is indeed the much needed influence we all long for to live the life of our dreams.

CD 1

1. Shri Mangal Gayatri
2. Shri Shiv Gayatri
3. Shri Som Gayatri
4. Shri Hanuman Gayatri
5. Shri Ganpati Gayatri
6. Shri Buddh Gayatri
7. Shri Lakshmi Gayatri
8. Shri Gayatri Aarti

CD 2

1. Shri Guru-Brihaspat Gayatri
2. Shri Vishnu Narayan Gayatri
3. Shri Shukra Gayatri
4. Shir Saraswati Gayatri
5. Shri Shani Gayatri
6. Shri Mool Gayatri

MUSIC: Govind Saraswati

LYRICS: Traditional

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