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Vegetarian: Chinese
Vegetarian: Chinese

Vegetarian: Chinese

by Nita Mehta

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8178690586 - Year: 2005 - Pages: 128



Nita Mehta

Author: Nita Mehta
Publisher: SNAB
Year: 2005
Language: English
Pages: 128
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8178690586


“Vegetarian Chinese Cooking” includes the classic traditional recipes as well as the new Chinese dishes now available at good Chinese eateries. The specialty starter “Dim sums” with a special dipping sauce will set the mood rolling for the party. Follow it up with a light thin soup like “Lemon coriander Soup” which whets they appetite rather than killing it as some of the heavy soups can be blamed for!

The main course has lots to offer. Our favourite Paneer or Tofu in a special Fennel flavoured sauce and the stir-fried Okra in Hoisin Sauce will make a perfect meal with Pepper Fried Rice and Pea cinnamon Noodles.

Enjoy the taste of china, all cooked in a simple delicious manner.



Ingredients used for Chinese Dishes

Sweet chilli dip
Green dim sums
Crispycinnamon cauliflower
Spring rolls
Red sesame dip
Chinese potato rolls
Leafy wraps
Crunchy bread balls
Lotus wings
Fried rice triangles
Crispy vegetables
Salt & pepper vegetable
Sesame gold coins
Corn rolls
Spicy skewers
Honey rice balls

Garnish for soups
Quick veg stock
Fresh vegetable stock
Vegetable sweet corn soup
Green chillies in vinegar
Kimchi salad
Hot & sour vegetable soup
Vegetable sweet corn soup
Manchow soup
Lemon coriander soup
Wonton vegetable soup
Stir-fried vegetable soup
Mushroom ginger crispy rice soup
Talomein soup

Honey potato fingers
Vegetable Manchurian
Paneer in five-spice powder
Baby corn - spinach in
Carmelized sauce
Haisin stir-fry okra
Cauliflower in pepper sauce
Stir fried snow peas/bean
Potato strings in hot ginger sauce
Half balls & veggies in sauce
Mongolian lotus stem
Tofu in hot garlic sauce
Paneer steak & mung beans
Vegetables in ginger garlic
With sesame seeds
Billy kee mushroom in sauce
Broccoli in garlic butter sauce
Vegetable Hong Kong with
Fried noodles
Kung pao corn
Schzewan vegetables
Cubed paneer & veg-sizzler
The Chinese sizzler
Baby corn aniseed
Honey chilli veggies
Shredded aubergine in
Sweet & sour sauce
Garlic honey cottage cheese
Moons in almond sauce sweet & sour vegetables
Cantonese vegetables
Nutty paneer with broccoli
Stir fried red & green cabbage

Perfect boiled rice
Perfect boiled noodles
Chinese steamed rice
Haka noodles with vegetables
Pepper fried rice
Pea cinnamon noodles
Peanut fried rice
Chilli garlic noodles
American chopsuey with vegetables
Fried noodles with peas &
Bean sprouts
Vegetable fried rice
Chinese chop suey
Class noodles with sesame paste
Fried rice with baby corn
& bamboo shoots
Vegetable party fried rice
Glutinous rice
Vegetable chowmein

Honey crispies
Date & coconut pancakes
Toffee apples
Assorted fruit fritters
Fried ice cream balls
Date & sesame wontons

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