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WHO? --.Questions to 50 Interesting Answers
WHO? --.Questions to 50 Interesting Answers

WHO? --.Questions to 50 Interesting Answers

by Bal Phondke

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National Book Trust


9788123769752 - Year: 2013 - Pages: 288



Bal Phondke
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Author: Bal Phondke
Painter/Illustrator/Animator: Mohit Suneja
Publisher: National Book Trust
Year: 2013
Language: English
Pages: 288
ISBN/UPC (if available): 9788123769752


“Who had spare ribs?”, “Who was Typoid Mary?”, “Who is the author?” The list of such questions in endless. Some of them are mundane experiences. Many are related to scientific phenomena. Still others are philosophical. Whatever their nature, scientists not only handle them with the respect they deserve, but also attempt to satisfy our curiosity with perfectly logical and scientifically acceptable answers.

Presented is simple and easy to follow language, this collection of 50 essays discusses many such fascinating questions. The facts and arguments are based on scientific investigations of the issues concerned. An interesting read for all.

Once we shed our lethargy and start becoming more inquisitive, a number of ‘Who’ questions start plaguing us. They do not get confined to the world of science and technology either, but rightfully belong to all walks of life. We all admire the exploits of Usain Bolt who became the Flying Jamaican. Every youngster taking to athletics regards him as a role model. He and she would like to know who among them can become a champion sprinter. Or who would become the fastest person in the twenty-second century?

There is no end, you would soon discover much to you delight. Here are a few of these “Who’ questions to which logical and scientifically reasoned answers have been found. It is possible that they may goad readers into action and send them in search of answers to many more that do not find a place here. if indeed that happens it would be most gratifying.




1. Who had Spare Ribs?

2. Who had a Face Lift?

3. Who Saw a Thousand Suns?

4. Who was Ali Mao Maalin?

5. Who was Joseph Meister?

6. Who was Otzi?

7. Who was Deep Fritz?

8. Who would be a Champion Sprinter?

9. Who are Abel and Betty?

10. Who was Typhoid Mary?

11. Who is the Author?

12. Who Made First Use of Diamonds?

13. Who was Phineas Gage?

14. Who was James Phipps?

15. Who would ET Look Like?

16. Who was Charlotte Riefenstahl?

17. Who Discovered America?

18. Who is Satyabhama Mahapatra?

19. Who is Hannah Clarke?

20. Who Invented Writing?

21. Who was Eve?

22. Who Named Clouds?

23. Who was the Bubble Boy?

24. Who Knew Infinity?

25. Who is Hung-Ching Liu?

26. Who was the Italian Navigator?

27. Who was Lucy?

28. Who was Piltdown Man?

29. Who was Wizard of Numbers?

30. Who was Lonesome George?

31. Who was Red Adair?

32. Who Built Pyramids?

33. Who was Fraulein Unbekannt?

34. Who Christens Storms?

35. Who is the Father of Zero?

36. Who Discovered Neptune?

37. Who has become Immortal?

38. Who Survived a Lightning Strike?

39. Who would be the Fastest Human In 2156?

40. Who was the Toxic Lady?

41. Who Needs Men?

42. Who Built Pilbara Rocks?

43. Who is Kismet?

44. Who was the First Man on the South Pole?

45. Who was Alex?

46. Who was the Indian Edison?

47. Who was Herman, the Bull?

48. Who were Fat Man and Little Boy?

49. Who is Going around the Moon?

50. Who Needs a Parachute?

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