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Walking with a Himalayan Master Swami Rama
Walking with a Himalayan Master Swami Rama

Walking with a Himalayan Master Swami Rama

by O'Brien, Justin

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Full Circle


8176210021 - Year: 2015 - Pages: 409



O'Brien, Justin
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Author: O'Brien, Justin
Publisher: Full Circle
Year: 2015
Language: English
Pages: 409
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8176210021


This autobiography of an American yogi is the story of the training of a Western scholar by a unique Himalayan master, one of the greatest yogis of the century.

A skeptical American scholar reluctantly meets a Himalayan master and a new vista of the ancient teacher-disciple paradigm emerges for this century. Going where few have ventured, we resonate with theologian and philosopher Justin O’Brien as he zig-zags through a personal quest for the ultimate. His fascinating search for a holistic lifestyle was sparked and prodded by a great saint, yogi, and scientist who called the Himalayas his home. Walking with a Himalayan Master reveals the incredible career of the sage, Swami Rama, who shattered the boundaries of human possibilities and transformed the lives of thousands. It reveals how everyday events and ancient spiritual practices enabled an American to retrace the trail of human development to the wisdom already tried and confirmed by the Himalayan masters.

“A splendid spiritual memoir!... A delightful experience for anyone longing for a glimpse into the life of a spiritual master.”
-Publisher Weekly

“In walking with a Himalayan Master Dr. Justin O’Brien exhibits the relationship of a sincere disciple to a great guru.”
-Sri Swami Satchidananda




1. Dreaming a Future
2. What’s a Mantra?
3. Building an Institute
4. Raising a Sage
5. Master of Self
6. Days of Joy, Days of Sorrow
7. A Gathering of Saints and Sinners
8. The Glenview Center
9. Evenings in Glenview
10. Living with Yogis
11. Living a Double Career
12. In woods of god Realization
13. Finding Brigadoon
14. Living in Honesdale
15. Spiritual Practice in Honesdale
16. Dark Night of My Soul
17. Rumblings in Paradise
18. Good-Bye to America
19. Up to the Mountains
20. Working with the Sages
21. Christ consciousness
22. Walking with the Master
23. Life in Japan
24. Life in London
25. The last pilgrimage
26. Reflections on a Life


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