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Wizard s Winter
Wizard’s Winter

Wizard s Winter

by Dhruva Chak

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8129101335 - Year: 2003 - Pages: 237



Dhruva Chak
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Author: Dhruva Chak
Publisher: Rupa
Year: 2003
Language: English
Pages: 237
ISBN/UPC (if available): 8129101335


This fascinating fantasy reveals deeper human truths, about the power to believe in oneself, and how might isn’t always right.

Twenty years ago, a king lost his kingdom, his family and himself. An infant girl was left in the care of the Wizard, Horos. A forlorn little boy watched his family float away from him on a sea of ice. A brave dwarf was treacherously killed. Wicked Wizard Morf was exiled by The Guardians for cheating in a test of power. A maimed witch grew bigger and bigger, nursing her hatred and her fear of the one axe that could hurt her.

Now, the stage is again set for the most primeval of battles-between the forces of good and evil. Will Horos and Morf ever become friends again?

Wizard, Orphan, King’s child, Dwarf Can they match the power of Morf?


The Crystal Goblet
The Temple of Death
A Quest Begins
Witch and Warlock
The River of Ice
The Sword of Truth
Meeting with a Stranger
The Parting of Ways
The Lonely Isle
The Council of Morf
Horos Tells a Story
The Trials of Dimbo
A Stone Speaks
The Riddle of Morf
Sarcus Prepares
The Secret of Broadwitch
A Reunion
A Declaration of War
The Rage of Morf
The Hall of Ice
The Blooding of Dimbo
Kara Runs a Race
Carthus Learns How to die
Baldur’s Cave
The Making of a Princess
The Drawing of Lots
The Arena of Gladiators
The Sword of Doom
The Final Contest
The Return of the Orphan
A Meeting of Wizards

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