India: Impact of the West
by Amita Das


(ISBN:81-7154-790-7 ~ Pub Year: 1994 ~ Pages:113 ~ Binding: Hardcover ~ Publisher: Popular Prakashan) History Store

This book focuses attention on a major turning point in the history of the Indian subcontinent which affected the lives of the Indian people in many different ways.

India's ancient connections with the West underwent a sea-change with the advent of the new Europeans in the sixteenth century. Formal colonization wreaked havoc, both economic and social. Yet, even in this unequal relationship, India did gain.

The impact of the West produced far-reaching changes in India. As Jawaharlal Nehru said : but it came almost in spite of the British. They succeeded ion slowing down the pace of that change to such an extent that even today the transition is very far from complete. Dr. Amita Das traces this fascinating transition. The author believes that to understand the present, it is necessary to identify the socio-economic and cultural changes introduced in colonial times. The ideas and institutions brought in by the Raj precipitated a process of transformation and assimilation. The process still continues.

This book should prove useful to everyone interested in understanding the West-West interface in India.

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