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Author: Kshemendra
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Kshemendra lived in Kashmir. Born in an affluent cultured family, he studied under eminent scholars of the time and spent much of his later life in teaching and writing. His literary output over a period of three decades included well know works on poetics and prosody, apart from plays and poems, didactic and prosody, apart from plays and poems, didactic and devotional verse compositions, picturesque social satires and a now lost history of the kings of Kashmir. Eighteen of these works have been recovered in the last century, while anthor sixteen are still know only through citations. A celebrated name in Sanskrit literature, Kshemendra is recognized as a brilliant and prolific writer on a wide variety of subjects.

The Courtesan's Keeper - A Satire from Ancient Kashmir
In Kashmir, there is a famous town called Pravarapura. Its name is a byeword for worldly pleasures.The Courtesan’s Keeper is the first English translation of the thousand year old little known Sanskrit satirical novel Samaya Matrika by Kshemendra, an eminent writer from eleventh century Kashmir.

Three Satires from Ancient Kashmir
Corruption in government, hypocrisy in religion, avaricious greed in business: these are some of the targets of Kshemendra’s one-thousand-year-old satires. So are superstition and sexual obsession, anomalies in education and a host of other ills of the time. Written by a celebrated name in classical Sanskrit literature, these little known exposés of fourteenth-century society find resonance in the Indian subcontinent even today.


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