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Gulzar Collection
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Raat Chand Aur Main (Music CD)
by Gulzar ,  Abhishek Ray      (Author ALERT)

Our Price: $19.95 USD

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ProductID: 12508 - Music CD Jewel Case - N/A Pages (Year: 2003)
Times Music ~ ISBN: TDIGH 017C

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 Listen to Selected Sample Tracks

1. Raat, Chand Aur Main
2. Tameer
3. Tere Shehar
4. Dhoop Aaye Na
5. Phir Shaam Jag Gayi
6. Suje Suje Description

The CDs features following tracks:

01 Raat, Chand Aur Main
02 Tameer
03 Tere Shehar
04 Dhoor Aaye Na
05 Phir Shaam Jag Gayi
06 Suje Suje

Music sung and composed by Abhishek Ray
Poetry Narrated and Written by Gulzar
Lyrics by Gulzar
Music Recorded and Mastered
At Angel Breath Productions
All Tracks Arranged and
Engineered by Abhishek Ray

 About the Author

GULZAR is one of Indian cinema’s most sensitive and creative directors; a lyricist par excellence; one whose work never fails to surprise, bring a tear to the eye or a smile on the lips; a humble man with humble beginnings who is unafraid of experimenting. A career that began more than three decades ago comprises a rich repertoire of not just films, but also authoring several anthologies of short stories, including Raavi Paar and Other Stories. One of the two immensely popular television serials that he has directed has been on the life of Mirza Ghalib, who commands Gulzar’s heartstrings, and the most recent one is based on the works of one of Indian literature’s greats, Munshi Premchand. Winner of the Sahitya Akademi award, Gulzar’s interest in literature is more than just a passing fancy. He writes poetry, short stories, all his works have been translated into English, and he is the creator of the three-line poem, called Triveni. Writing for Gulzar, is his first love, his passion, his junoon, his life breath!


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