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Khawaja Dil Mohammed Collection
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Dil Ki Geeta (URDU)
by Khawaja Dil Mohammed      (Author ALERT)

Our Price: $18.50 USD

Usually Delivers in 10 - 15 Business Days

ProductID: 13628 - Paperback - 240 Pages (Year: 2004)
National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language ~ ISBN: 8175870524

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 Customer Review(s)

Rating: (5 out of 5) Dil Ki Geeta written in Hindi alphabets
Reviewer: Praveen Sharma from Lansdale, PA, US
In 70's, I attended Veer Ji's lectures in Dhul Kote, Ambala City where he would sing Dil Ki Geeta written in Hindi alphabets and explain the meanings. I have a version of it printed in 1974, which is falling into pieces with time. Is there a way I can buy another one?

Rating: (5 out of 5) Straight from the Heart
Reviewer: Surinder M. Bhardwaj from Kent, Ohio, USA
I happen to have inherited a copy of Dil Ki Geeta from my late father via my very kind eldest sister. My father had purchased this book from Lahore in 1946, when it was first published. By this time in my life (I am 73 years old), I have read several translations of this sacred book by Indian as well as Western translators, Hindus and non-Hindus, but there is none that has given me greater pleasure than the Urdu translation by Khawaja Dil Mohammed.

This is an inspired translation straight from Khawaja Dil Mohammed's heart, and it touches my heart each time I read Dil Ki Geeta. In today's day and age when suspicion of others' faith, violence and intolerance are so rampant, especially perpetrated by the extremists, Khawaja's translation is a message of peace, understanding and respect for others' faith.

His is a message of hope, that you do not have to be a Hindu to understand and appreciate the sublime message of the Bhagavad Geeta. I suggest the readers to especially read chapter 11 if they wish to experience the incredible beauty of Khawaja's language and the sublime spirituality of the cosmic vision of that Infinite Entity we call by different names in different languages, God, Allah,Ishvar,Onkar. I say with all my heart--God bless Khawaja Dil Mohammed.

Reviewer: Anil Kumar Chawla from Ibra, North Sharqiya, OMAN
I come from a town in Haryana, India called Ambala City. I don't know how to read Urdu. But I can recite several of Urdu couplets from Dil Ki Geeta. There are thousands more who can recite almost the whole of it in Ambala town. It is so musical, poetical, rhythmical and so closely factual translation that Veer ji, the Head of Satsang Bhawan at Dhul Kot in Ambala City had been reciting and explaining the Urdu Geeta for years and years to his devout listeners and now almost everybody remembers most of the shlokas or couplets in Urdu. We each have Dil Ki Geeta written in Hindi alphabets and that makes it easy for all to recite it even if we don't know how to read Urdu. Because Urdu and Hindi in spoken language are so similar, we understand most of it other than some tough words. All in all we all feel that Khwaja Dil Mohammed Ji has done a great job in giving us a wonderfully inspired translation and we all love him for that and bless him wherever he is.

Rating: (5 out of 5) A beautiful translation of an anciant text.
Reviewer: Mir Salim Ullah from Abbott Abad, NWFP, Pakistan
Khwaja Sahib has prepared a translation that is easy to read, easy to understand, and memorise. The language he used is simple.The translation retains the essence of the original work. A person who can understand Urdu as well as English, will find this work heads and shoulders above any other.


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