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Ashish Talwar Collection
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Congressism- The Ideology of the Indian National Congress
by Ashish Talwar      (Author ALERT)

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ProductID: 11200 - Hardcover - 237 Pages (Year: 2003)
Frank Bros ~ ISBN: 8171706746

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Buy Together: Congressism- The Ideology of the Indian National Congress ($27.75) and Hindutva Politics in India ($44.75) Get

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The book evolves a new and lucid approach to the ideology of the Congress, which has been presented as a theory of political thought, Congressism.

While there are numerous books on the history of the Indian National Congress, there is virtually no work on its ideology. A need for clear ideological elucidation has been accentuated due to the attempts by non-Congress political formations at redefining and obfuscating the tenets that the Congress has stood for. Deliberately, Secularism has been redefined as pseudo-secularism and any conception of a Welfare State or demands for poverty alleviation are dismissed as Marxism.

The book counters the attempts to dismiss the Congress as having no ideology and contends that those who do so are influenced from fear of exposure of the hollowness of their own ideologies.

 Table of Contents


The Ideology of Congressism


Nationalism and National Integration


Economic Policy

Foreign Policy




 About the Author

ASHISH TALWAR, Born and educated in New Delhi, Ashish Talwar, has been an activist of the Indian National Congress for the past decade. His first book, a novel, The Secularist, written at the age of just thirty, established him as an author. He regularly contributes to newspapers like The Hindustan Times, The Pioneer and National Herald. He has a regular column on congress History in Congress Sandesh, the party organ of the congress. He has held various positions in the party organization including Spokesperson of the Indian Youth Congress. Presently, he is associated with the Media Department of the all India Congress Committee.


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