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From Ignorance to Innocence (A Set of 2 Books)
by Osho      (Author ALERT)

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ProductID: 11216 - Paperback - 304 Pages (Year: 1997-01-01)
Diamond ~ ISBN: 8171826718

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Buy Together: From Ignorance to Innocence (A Set of 2 Books) ($16.50) and The Book of Woman ($24.95)

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Osho offers both a seer's vision and a brilliantly constructive blueprint for a new man and a new world in these 2 volumes of twelve interactive sessions with his disciples..

From Ignorance to Innocence

Ignorance is our natural state, there is nothing wrong with it. Just as everybody is naked behind the clothes-however thick your clothes are, however many layers of clothes you have, your nakedness is still there. There is nothing in it to be ashamed of.


I think Osho is a great achievement of our age.

-Amrita Pritam
World-renowned Poetess,
Writer & Member of Rajya Sabha

Osho…is really a free-thinking agnostic. He is profoundly erudite and can explain the most abstract conception in simple language illustrated with witty anecdotes. He mocks gods, prophets, scriptures and religious practices and gives a totally new dimension to religion.

-Indian Express, Khushwant Singh, December 25, 1988

Reading Osho one wishes one had said what the Osho has said. There has never been
anyone like him before. It is doubtful whether there will ever be anyone like him again.

-M V Kamath
Former Editor, Illustrated Weekly of India

Osho is a giant in the field of spiritual Wisdom.

- Dr A N Deshpande
Author, Poet, Critic, Historian of Marathi Literature, November 1988

Osho has not only justified his command over worldly matters, but proved that he is the intellectual giant of the 20th century.

-The Daily Bombay, India September 13, 1987.

Laughter is My Message

Existence is hilarious! If you just have eyes to seethe hilarious points you will be surprised: in life there is no place to be serious. Everybody is slipping on banana peels-you just need an insight to see.

One just needs a little alertness to see and find out: Life is really a great cosmic laughter.
Those who become silent and happy join in the laughter. Laughter is my message.

I do not ask you to do prayer. I ask you to find moments, situations, in which you can laugh whole-heartedly. Your laughter will open a thousand and one roses within you.

 Table of Contents

From Ignorance to Innocence

Beyond Enlightenment Is Only Beyondness

Innocence Is a Light Unto Itself

No Other Path but Life

In the End There is no Word

Questions: Exposing Your Way
From Ignorance to Innocence

Truth Knows no Fifty-Fifty

Laughter is My Message

I Have to be Offensive To Wake You Up!

Love is the Greatest Alchemy

Jealousy - The Byproduct Of the Marriage

The Psychology of the Buddhas

Cancel Your Ticket, There’s Nowhere to Go!


 About the Author

OSHO was born on 11 December 1931, and attained 'enlightenment' at the twenty-one, and went on to complete his academic studies. He spent several years teaching philosophy at the University of Jabalpur. By the late 1960, Osho had begun to develop his unique dynamic meditation techniques. He felt that modern man is so burdened with the archaic traditions of the past as well as the anxieties of modern-day living, that he must go through a deep cleansing process before he can hope to discover the thought-less relaxed state of meditation.

In early 1970s, the West first began to hear of Osho. By 1974, a commune had been established around him in Pune, and the trickle of visitors from the West soon became a flood. Osho left his body on 19 January 1990. His talks have been published in more than six hundred volumes, and translated into over thirty languages.


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