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R K Narayan Collection
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A Story - Teller's World
by R K Narayan      (Author ALERT)

Our Price: $16.75 USD

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ProductID: 11511 - Paperback - 142 Pages (Year: 1990)
Penguin ~ ISBN: 0140128441

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Forty essay, travel pieces, character sketches and short stories from India’s greatest novelist, the majority collected here for the first time. The three sections of the book provide a rare glimpse into R K Narayan’s beginnings as a writer and his evolution into a world-renowned novelist.

Most importantly, each essay and story is in itself a triumph of Narayan’s genius as a close and perceptive observer of the small and ordinary things of life… Finally, taken together, the pieces in this collection (on crowds, films, restaurants, clothes, cats, and English language and school-children among others) give the reader fresh insights into the distinctive aspects of the Indian South which finally achieved immortality in the fictional world of Malgudi.

 Table of Contents


The World of the Story-teller
Introduction to The Financial Expert
The Problem of the Indian Writer
English in India
Toasted English
The Indian in America
After the Raj

The Crowd
Our Dress
Behind One Another
The Unseen Shop
On Films
Glimpses of Thumbi
Thumbi’s Schooling
The Election Game
Rice and Hospitality
Everest Reactions
Cruelty to Children
The Postcard
The Cat
Red-taping Culture
Family Doctor

Over a Mountain Range
Devaraya Durga
Mysore City
The House I Built
The Indian Theatre
The Cold Fruit
The Mirror (An Ancient Tale)
Musical Commerce
A Breach of Promise
The Magic Beard
Around a Temple
The Magic Cure
The Image


 About the Author

R K Narayan was born in Madras and educated there and at Maharajah's College in Mysore. His first novel, Swami and Friends (1935) and its successor The Bachelor of Arts (1937) are both set in the enchanting fictional territory of Malgudi. Other Malgudi novels are:The Dark Room / The English Teacher / Mr. Sampath / The Financial Expert / The Man-eater of Malgudi / The Vendor of Sweets / The Painter of Signs / A Tiger for Malgudi and his most recent, The World of Nagraj.

Other novels include Waiting for the Mahatma and The Guide which won the Sahitya Akademi Award.

In 1980 RK was awarded the A C Benson Medal by the Royal Society of Literature and was made an Honorary Member of the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters. In 1989 he was made a member of the Rajya Sabha. Besides six collections of short stories = A Horse and Two Goats; An Astrologer's Day and Other Stories, Lawely Road, Malgudi Days, Grandmother's Tale and Under the Banyan Tree =, he has ;published two travel books (My Dateless Diary and The Emerald Route), five collections of essays (Next Sunday, Reluctant Guru, A Writer's Nightmare, A Storyteller's world and Salt and Sawdust), translations of Indian epics and myths (The Ramayana, The Mahabharata and Gods, Demons and Others) and a memoir (My Days). Malgudi Landscapes[, a selection from Naryan's best writing is also available. The most recent collection of his fiction A Town Called Malgudi was published in 1999.


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