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Negationism in India - Concealing the Records of Islam (Enlarged Edition)
by Koenraad Elst      (Author ALERT)

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ProductID: 12190 - Paperback - 243 Pages (Year: 2014)
Voice of India ~ ISBN: 9788185990958

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The Saffron Swastika - The Notion of Hindu Fascism (2-Volume Set)
by Koenraad Elst Description

Negationism in Europe usually means the denial of the Nazi genocide on the Jews and Gypsies in World War2. Less well-known is that India has its won brand of negationism. A section of the Indian intelligentsia is trying to erase from the Hindus memory the history of their persecution by the swordsmen of Islam. The number of victims of this persecution matches that of the Nazi crimes.

The Islamic campaign to wipe out Paganism could not be equally thorough, but it has continued for centuries, without any moral doubts arising in the minds of the persecutors and their chroniclers. The Islamic reports on the massacres of Hindus, the abduction of Hindu women and children to salve-markets, the destruction of temples and the forced conversions, invariably express great glee and pride. They leave no doubt that the destruction of Paganism by every means was considered the God-ordained duty of the Muslim community.

Yet, today many Indian historians, journalists and politicians deny that there ever was a Hindu-Muslim conflict. They shamelessly rewrite history and conjure up centuries of Hindu-Muslim amity, and a growing section of the public in India and in the West only knows their negations version of history. It is not a pleasant task to rudely shake people out of their delusions, especially if these have been willfully created, but this essay does just that.

 Table of Contents



Bonafide re-interpretation of history
Denying the holocaust
Leftist negationism
Islamic negotionism


Hindu vs. Muslim
Negationism and the Indian National Congress
The Aligarh School


 About the Author

Dr. Koenraad Elst grew up in a Catholic family in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. After a brief juvenile flirt with Marxism he was drawn to exploring the spiritual domain, especially through Asian philosophies and disciplines like Aikido, Taijiquan and Yoga.

While doing research in Indian philosophy at Benares Hindu University, he started taking an interest in the ongoing Rushdie and Ayodhya controversies and the larger debate on secularism. He published several books on the historical Ayodhya file. He earned his doctorate in 1998 at Catholic University Leuven with a dissertation on the Ideological development of Hindu nationalism.

A married man and father of four, he is currently working as a free-lance scholar and columnist.


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