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Jean Arasanayagam Collection
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by Jean Arasanayagam      (Author ALERT)

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ProductID: 12200 - Hardcover - 118 Pages (Year: 2003)
Indialog Publications ~ ISBN: 8187981245

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With Fusillade Jean Arasanayagam adds to her already acclaimed list of poetry books. Though the setting of the volume is primarily Sri Lanka, the tone of the poems is universal. Through this Arasanayagam once again renders voice to the thousands of oppressed people around the globe.

The poems transport the reader to the island nation scarred by a long civil war where thousands have lost their lives and the world has not even winked an eyelid. The poems, in this collection, also reflect the personal sense of alienation that remains the hallmark of most of Arasanayagam's works.

Writing from a doubly marginalized space, Arasanayagam's Fusillade poses problems, raises questions, voices protests -a gripping book which brings to fore the anxieties that the modern world tries to grapple with everyday in some way or the other.

 Table of Contents

The House of your Childhood
Wedding Photographs
Pata's Horoscope
My Deities have no Chariots
The Revolution's Come and Gone
Letters from Warzones Anywhere
Ex Bello Pax: After War, Peace
It's the Small Lives
The Dalada Bombing
The Gun


 About the Author

Jean Arasanayagam is a Sri Lankan writer of Dutch Burgher origin. She graduated from the University of Ceylon and obtained an M.Litt in Literary Linguistics from the University of Stratchlyde, Glasgow. Her work has been published widely in Sri Lanka and abroad. She lives in Kandy but has traveled extensively in the United Kingdom, the United States, Europe and India.


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