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A K Ramanujan Collection
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Uncollected Poems and Prose
by A K Ramanujan ,  Molly Daniels-Ramanujan ,  Keith Harrison   [Editor(s)(s)]      (Author ALERT)

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ProductID: 14093 - Paperback - 109 Pages (Year: 2005)
Oxford University Press ~ ISBN: 0195672917

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This book brings together for the first time, poems and essays that could not be published in the lifetime of Ramanujan, recognized as a preeminent scholar of South Asian language and culture.

Poet, translator, folklorist, A K Ramanujan has been recognized as a preeminent scholar of South Asian language and culture. This book brings together for the first time, poems and essays that could not be published in his lifetime. Also included are Ramanujan's interviews with various academics and friends with whom he discusses subjects as diverse as exile, the politics of language, his relationship with his father, and his own writing. He discusses folktales, Shakespeare, and translation. What is revealed for the first time is Ramanujan's political self, a vision that is both regional and transnational. The poems have an immediacy that is hard to resist; their sanity and joy evoke Ramanujan's warmth and his elusiveness, bringing within the same cover the whole range of his work.

Ramanujan believed that his creativity, and his wide-ranging interdisciplinary interests, owed much to his early Montessori schooling, his father's conversations in the library, and his grandmother's folktales at dinner. During his tenure of thirty years at the University of Chicago, he taught Linguistics, Anthropology, Folklore, and Literature. His achievements as a bilingual poet, and as a trilingual translator won him: a Padma Sri, A Macarthur Foundation Fellowship; election to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and a posthumous prize from the Sahitya Akademi for poetry in English. In these pieces, as elsewhere, Ramanujan gives expression to his two chief preoccupations, his desire to articulate an Indian way of thinking, and his own quest for modernity.

This volume has been edited by Molly Daniels-Ramanujan and Keith Harrison, both of whom knew him personally.


Ramanujan had an enquiring mind, ever uneasy and ever creative, This volume has only helped to give to admiring world more reasons to be awe-struck by the range of his concerns, the variety of his themes and the freshness of insights.

-The Book Review

A wonderful compilation of his works, A collage of ideas which brings out the man's sensitivity and presence in his absence.
-The Pioneer

We are left with someone who is elusive. Ramanujan's thoughts are a delicate poise between, skepticism and an even deeper belief in the essential goodness of the world.
-Business India

 Table of Contents


Preface by Keith Harrison


Invisible Bodies
Eagle and Butterfly
Twenty-four Senses
Figures and Disfigurement
All Night
Many a Slip
Children, Dreams, Theorems
On Julia
Blackstreet Visit
Love 10
Time Changes
A Rationalist Abroad
Daily Drivel: a monologue
Dances Remember Dancers
Computers Eat Fingertips
He to Me or Me to Him
Renoir at Eighty


Chiantan Kulshreshta and AKR
A L Becker, Keith Taylor, and AKR


The Ring of Memory: Remembering and Forgetting in Indian Literature

For Barbara Miller

A Note on AKR's Uncollected Poems by Molly A Daniels-Ramanujan

Index of Titles

Index of First Lines


 About the Author

A K RAMANUJAN (1920-1991) was born into a Tamil family in Kannada-speaking Mysore City. He was educated in English at the University of Mysore, and at Indiana University. As William E Colvin Professor at the University of Chicago, his academic interest became increasingly interdisciplinary. He translated from classical Tamil and medieval Kannada. He wrote experimental poetry in Kannada (Hokkulalli Huvilla, Kuntobille, Mattu Ittara Padyagalu); he gathered folktales from all over India (Folktales from India, The Flowering Tree); he translated fiction from English into Kannada (Haladi Meenu), from Kannada into English (Samskara); and wrote an original novella in Kannada (Mattobbana Atmakate). His achievements as a bilingual poet and as a trilingual translator won him a Padma Shri in 1976 and a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship in 1983. He was also elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1990 and won a posthumous prize from the Sahitya Akademi for poetry in English.

He is best known for his pioneering translations of ancient Tamil poetry into modern English was one of the finest Indian poets writing in English and probably the most scholarly. At the time of his death he was Professor of Linguistics at the University of Chicago and was universally acknowledged as the authority on South Indian language and culture.


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