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Samir Modi Collection
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The Positive Side
by Samir Modi      (Author ALERT)

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ProductID: 15187 - Hardcover - 65 Pages (Year: 2002)
Roli Books ~ ISBN: 8174362282

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This book is about The Positive side-of things, of people, of viruses. Yes, viruses have positive sides too. One particular virus, HIV, has a positive side that is both dingy and bright, close your eyes and you see the dark. Open them and you’ll see light. It’s as simple as that. And that’s the point this book is trying to make. That HIV is just a virus. Agreed, it’s strong and stubborn and won’t go away that easily. But so is hunger for life. The instinctive need for light. In this battle of shadow against colour, of virus against will, which side are you on?

AIDS doesn't just hitch rides with truck drivers on lonely highways. It flies business Class with men in dark suits, too. It walks in through the door of both sex worker and housewife. It hangs out in college canteens. Plays on the swings in the park. Shops at the grocery around the corner. Smiles at you every morning.

The Modicare foundation has been wrestling with this reality since 1996. Set up by Samir Modi, it has been named after his grandfather-a philanthropist with many a school, college and hospital to his name. Built on his beliefs, this non-government organization has focused on fighting the disease and the potent, destructive ignorance that surrounds it. By talking. And listening. To students who giggled whenever the words sex and condom were thrown at them. To working adults eager to know their HIV status but afraid to get themselves tested. And finally, to the sex worker who didn't think anyone was interested in what she had to say.


 About the Author

Born in 1969, in Delhi, SAMIR MODI was educated at the Doon School. His enthusiasm for extra-curricular activities and love for boxing during his school years led him to become a state level boxer. He graduated from the Hindu College, Delhi, in 1992.

He joined Philip Morris, USA, where he learnt all about the rigors of Marketing, distribution, Brand Management and Retail promotion. He returned to India in 1995 and set up the first truly Indian network marketing company, Medicare. A venture that brought together a group of people. And gave them the self-reliance they sought. The Modicare family has helped millions of Indians look forward to a promising future.
By Crating values in business that translate into benefits for society.


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