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Dr Krishna Raman Collection
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Yoga & Medical Science F & Q
by Dr Krishna Raman      (Author ALERT)

Our Price: $47.07 USD

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ProductID: 16483 - Paperback - 188 Pages (Year: 2004)
East West Books ~ ISBN: 8188661090

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Buy Together: Yoga & Medical Science F & Q ($47.07) and A Matter of Health - Integration of Yoga and Western Medicine ($84.95) Get

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by Dharmavirsingh Mahida

Office Yoga
by Julie Friedeberger Description

Are you interested in learning Yoga to maintain your health? Have you been practicing Yoga for some time and yet have many questions? Are you curious to know what happens inside your body when you practice Yoga postures?

In this book you will find:

Over 500 questions lucidly answered to clarify misconceptions on Yoga in relation to Western Medicine.

Ultrasound scans done during the performance of the Asanas to explain the precise effects of various Yoga poses and rectify fallacies.

Expert comments on the scans by leading Ultrasound consultant Dr S Suresh

The book provides guidelines and medical explanations on:

Accurate Asana Practice
Precise Pranayama practice
Right thought
Correct meditation

This book is a comprehensive treatise - presented in the form of questions and answers, highlighting the role of Yoga in promoting positive health. Of great value is the presentation of the influence of different Asanas on the structure and functioning of different bodily organs, blood flow through different regional arteries, veins etc.

The physical actions of Yoga bring physiological changes. Dr Raman has presented in this book proofs of the same using modern equipment, showing the effect of Yoga as a better cleanser to life and living.

 Table of Contents

Asana, Pranayama & Yoga Philosophy
Health and Yoga
Issues on Yoga and Medicine

Ultrasound studies on Yoga

The Gall Bladder in Asanas
The rental artery in Parivratta Janu Sirsasana
The popliteral artery in standing poses
The central retinal artery in inverted poses
The ophthalmic artery in inverted poses
The carotid arteries in inverted poses
The cerebral arteries in inverted poses
The ascending aorta in back bends.


 About the Author

DR KRISHNA RAMAN, a leading physician of Chennai, India, and a student of Sri BKS Iyengar for the past 24 years has pioneered the integration of Yoga with Western Medicine. His books include A Matter of Health which details on the physiological effects of Yoga poses, its need in different facets of life, and the integration of Western Medicine with Yoga in treating medical disorders.


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