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M R Rangarajan Collection
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Director K Subrahmanyam - A Biography
by M R Rangarajan      (Author ALERT)

Our Price: $13.75 USD

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ProductID: 17201 - Paperback - 118 Pages (Year: 2005)
East West Books ~ ISBN: 81-88661-32-5

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Buy Together: Director K Subrahmanyam - A Biography ($13.75) and Kishore Kumar - The Definitive Biography ($29.95)

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"Director K Subrahmanyam", as he was always known, was a lawyer turned pioneer of South Indian cinema, a staunch congressman of the Gandhian vintage, a freedom fighter who risked his investment in films by advocating the cause of freedom in his films, a social activist who developed leftist leanings after independence, a "star marker" and much more.

His most renowned Tamil film Thyagabhoomi has the distinction of being the only Indian film banned by the Colonial Government for propagating the cause of the freedom struggle. Since the film was banned only some weeks after its release and was a phenomenal success in attracting houseful shows, it is vividly remembered by the older generation of Tamils with great admiration.

This biography will interest the historians of cinema, politics and the transformation of social order in 20th century India.


 About the Author

PROF M R RANGARAJAN, is an academician with Doctorate in Mathematics, who was teaching Post-Graduate students at Loyola College, Chennai for more than three decades. A music and dance critic, musician, amateur actor and cultural activist, he was also the Principal of Rajaji College of Communications and Management, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Chennai.


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