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Jan E M Houben Collection
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The Pravargya Brahmana of the Taittiriya Aranyaka (SANSKRIT+ENGLISH)
by Jan E M Houben      (Author ALERT)

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ProductID: 17487 - Hardcover - 147 Pages (Year: 1991)
Motilal Banarsidass ~ ISBN: 8120808681

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Prapathaka 5 of the Taittiriya Aranyaka in the Andhra recension (=Prapathaka 8 in the Dravida recension) is an ancient commentary on the Pravargya Brahmana, is here translated and annotated. The Introduction contains a study of the Pravargya ritual, which is One of the few rituals that has been explicitly referred to in the Rgveda (usually under the name Gharma).

The abstract and spiritual nature of what is probably the main purpose of the ritual-the participants should acquire the luster of the sun-the simple means by which it can be performed and the way the main implement, the pot which is heated red-hot, is worshipped, give it a special place in the vast assortment of Vedic rites.

The Sanskrit text of the Pravargya Brahmana of the Taittiriyakas has been given along with the translation. The present work was prepared under the guidance of Professor Dr H W Bodewitz (Utrecht), and is an elaboration of an essay written by the author in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of doctorandus at the University of Utrecht, 1987.

 Table of Contents




The Pravargya Ritual
Short Description of the Rite
Interpretation of the Pravargya
The Pravargya and the Sun
The Pravargya and Soma
The Pravargya and the Intermediate Initiation
The Pravargya Myth
The Age of the Pravargya Ritual
Taittiriya Aranyaka 5 and its relation to the Brahmana and Samhita
Taittirya Aranyaka 5 and its relation to other texts
About the Text and Translation


Anuvaka 1: The Pravargya as the head of the Sacrifice
Anuvaka 2: Collection of the materials for the Pravargya Ritual
Anuvaka 3: The preparation of the Pravargya vessel
Anuvaka 4: Putting up and heating the Pravargya vessel
Anuvaka 5: Praising the installed Pravargya vessel
Anuvaka 6: Gazing at the heated Pravargya vessel
Anuvaka 7: Milking the cow and the goat
Anuvaka 8: The offering to the Asvins
Anuvaka 9: The disposal of the Pravargya implements
Anuvaka 10: Sukriya samans and yajus-formulas; places for disposal
Anuvaka 11: The different names of the Pravargya Ritual
Anuvaka 12: Metamorphoses of the Pravargya


The Place of Sacrifice

Concordance of the three editions

General Index

Index of textplaces



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