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Tarla Dalal Collection
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Acidity Cookbook - 50 Stomach- Friendly Recipes
by Tarla Dalal      (Author ALERT)

Our Price: $10.20 USD

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ProductID: 21698 - Paperback - 102 Pages (Year: 2007)
Sanjay & Company ~ ISBN: 9788189491512

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Healthy Snacks for Kids
by Tarla Dalal Description

Acidity, a common ailment that we all suffer from time to time… that awful burning sensation in the heart or chest. Acidity is caused by excessive secretion of the normal acids in the stomach.

The best way to combat acidity is to turn to mother nature. My book “Acidity Cookbook” is a similar attempt to do so with the range of 50 healthy recipes that are made using alkaline foods, less spices and is cooked in less oil. Along with this, certain foods like onions, kokum, mint etc. that work wonders for acidity are used in the recipes like Minty stuffed Prathas,Pyazwali Bhidi, Kokum sherbet etc.

Also included is a detailed text about acidity, its causes, symptoms, ways to ease it etc.

 Table of Contents

Healthy brown onion soup
Nutria salad
Potato and carrot soup
Nourishing lettuce soup
Nourishing asparagus soup
Bean sprouts salad
Peas and potato salad

Moon sprouts delight
Buckwheat dhoklaa
Instant jowar uttapam
Crunchy potato pancakes
Nutritious chilas
Soya sesame khakhras
Veggies wraps
Nachni dosa
Nachni colocasia dosa
Onion rawa dosa
Cabbage jowar muthias

Nutritious roti
Jowar pyaz ki roti
Bajra aloo roti
Minty stuffed parathas
Suva chawal paatha
Green peas paratha
Pumpkin paratha

Chawli bhaji
Aloo poshto
Pyazwali bhindi
Subz bahar
Kaddu ka bharta
Hariyali dal mixed dal
Suv moong dal
Sindhi kadhi
Methi koftas in kadhi

Aloo gobhi ka pulao
Cucumber curd rice
Green peas and methi pulao
Soyabean and vegetable pulao
Wholesome khichdi
Bajra khichdi

Apple cinnamon milkshake
Date and banana shake
Papaya mango smoothie
Strawberry chickoo shake
Kokum sherbet
Melon and papaya tango
Pineapple magic
Rainbow cocktail


 About the Author

TARLA DALAL is India's best-selling cookery author for over 2 decades. She has written a total of 46 titles, several of which have been translated in various languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali and even Dutch and Russian! The total sales of here cookbooks exceed 1.7 million copies.

Many of her books have been an almost permanent feature on top sellers list; Desi Khana, Low Calorie Healthy Cooking and Rotis and Subzis are among the best-sellers which have netted the maximum sale figures. According to India Today, India's leading news analysis magazine, Ms Dalal has sold the maximum number of books in any field as compared to any other Indian author and at a conservative estimate, her recipes have been tried and are trusted in over 20 million Indian homes.


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