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Tarla Dalal Collection
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Healthy Snacks (HINDI)
by Tarla Dalal      (Author ALERT)

Our Price: $9.95 USD

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ProductID: 22071 - Paperback - 102 Pages (Year: 2006/2007)
Sanjay & Company ~ ISBN: 8189491261

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Snacks are an important part of your child’s daily diet, helping not only to bridge the gap between meals and provide necessary nutrients, but also to encourage good eating habits.

This book contains simple and healthy snack ideas that are quick to put together and offer important nutrients. A total of 41 healthy snacks have been clubbed under four different sections-filling Snacks, Jar Snacks, finger Foods and Sweet Treats. Recipes have been planned using nutrient dense ingredients like soya beans, paneer, whole wheat bread, vegetable and fruits, and made healthy by using cooking methods like baking, steaming, etc.

The next time your child demands a snack, do reach out for these delicious and nutritious versions that will appeal to his taste buds and fulfil his nutrient requirements.


TARLA DALAL is India’s best selling author in any field, with over 3 million cookbooks sold to date. She is the first to launch a bi-monthly food magazine, Cooking & More, Which is the best selling cookery magazine in India, under her own name.


 About the Author

TARLA DALAL is India's best-selling cookery author for over 2 decades. She has written a total of 46 titles, several of which have been translated in various languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali and even Dutch and Russian! The total sales of here cookbooks exceed 1.7 million copies.

Many of her books have been an almost permanent feature on top sellers list; Desi Khana, Low Calorie Healthy Cooking and Rotis and Subzis are among the best-sellers which have netted the maximum sale figures. According to India Today, India's leading news analysis magazine, Ms Dalal has sold the maximum number of books in any field as compared to any other Indian author and at a conservative estimate, her recipes have been tried and are trusted in over 20 million Indian homes.


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