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Govardhanram Tripathi Collection
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Saraswatichandra (Abridged)
by Govardhanram Tripathi      (Author ALERT)

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ProductID: 22787 - Hardcover - 272 Pages (Year: 2007)
Sahitya Akademi ~ ISBN: 8126023465

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Myriad Mirrors - Malayalam Women Writings
by Sanju Ramachandran Description

Saraswatichandra, a Gujarati novel by Govardhanram Tripathi, comprising nearly 2000 pages and 4 volumes was published between 1887 and 1901. The work not only manifested the sociological ambience of the latter half of the 19th Century but also traced the maturing process of the author’s idealism that transcended from individual growth to universal emancipation. Its epitome – a Kathaa-saar – by Upendra Pandya was published in 1951 and an abridgement – Brubat Sankshep – was published by the Sahitya Akademi in 1960. The former, translated by Vinod meghani, now published by Sahitya Akademi by the title Saraswatichandra (Abridged), is the first English translation of the author’s work.

Umashankar Joshi writes in the introduction to Brubat Sankshep:

The saga contained a suppressed sob of a heartbreak that frequently made the story seethe, that at times erupted as an agonized scream. For the fourteen long years… the readership accompanied him with baited breath… … Govardhanram had with the help of a stirring story, conquered the mindset of Gujarati society… [The novel] represented the essence of the wholesome elements of the Indian Renaissance.

…Saraswatichandra’s chief sentiment is Pathos. By the sentiment, Govardhanram may be described as a sibling of Bhavabhooti in Indian literature. Conspicuous is the impact of Mahaabhaarat – on the call, constitution and several significant portions and on the details like nomenclature of the characters. Deeply etched is also the influence of Buddhist literature. …A study of Govardhanram’s intuitive inclination explains his partiality for Dante, the renderer of a religious epic among the Western writer.

 Table of Contents

A Modern Gujarati Classic
(Umashankar Joshi)
A vehicle of the Marvellous
(Ramnarayan V. Pathak)
Foreword (Upendra Padya)
Translator’s Note (Vinod Meghani)
Names of the characters, their meanings

The guest at Suvarnapur
Happenings in the Backyard
At the Minister’s Bungalow
‘Like Your Brother I’m, After All’
Victory of the Minister
Saraswatichandra, a flashback
Kumud-Sundari, the Betrayed Belle
A Disguise Destroyed, an ordeal Endured
The Departure
On the Outskirts of Manoharpuri
Guna-Sundari: a Flashback
A Night in Manoharpuri
A Dark Night in the Forest: Saraswatichandra
Kumud-Sundari’s Departure from Suvarnapur
Union and Separation
King Mani-raaj in Manohapuri
Knavery of Dhoort-lal
Pramad-Dha’s Fate
Between Hope and Despair
The Aguish of Rescues Kumud
Saraswatichandra’s Torrent of Tears
Anxiety about Kusum
Kusum’s Penance
The Moon and its Aura
Kumud’s Plight
Saraswatichandra and Chandravali
Saraswatichandra and Kumud
His Friend’s Reproaches and the Quest
Guna-Sundari Conciliated
The Ganga an the Yamuna
‘O My Angelic Kusum!’

Appendix I
(Alphabetical) Explanatory Notes

Appendix II
About Saraswatichandra:
References by the Author (A Compilation)


 About the Author

Govardhanram Tripathi (1855-1907) Govardhanram Tripathi was the only individual prior to Gandhi-jee to have played and equally unique role in the cultural rejuvenation of Gujarat... ...Govardhanram Tripathi was a product o the Indian renaissance...


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