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Mahatma Gandhi Collection
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India of My Dreams
by Mahatma Gandhi      (Author ALERT)

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ProductID: 24138 - Paperback - 300 Pages (Year: 2008)
Rajpal ~ ISBN: 8170287405

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Mahatma Gandhi is the most influential Indian of the twentieth century whose shadow continues to loom large over the country even sixty years after his death. He struggled and dreamt of a India free not only from the yoke of the British rule but also free from the evils of poverty, illiteracy, untouchability with all its citizens enjoying equally the fruits of freedom and prosperity.

Many of his revolutionary ideas, termed as idiosyncrasies then, are fashionable concepts followed by today’s generation. And the resurging popularity of ‘Gandhigiri’ is proof of Gandhi’s continuing relevance in the twenty-first century.

This book offers a fascinating peep into the mind and ideas of Gandhi and his dream for a vibrant and prosperous modern India.


 Table of Contents

1. India of My Dreams
2. The Meaning of Swaraj
3. In Defence of Nationalism
4. Democracy in India
5. India and Socialism
6. India and Communism
7. The Curse of Industrialism
8. Class War
9. Strikes
10. Choice before Labour
11. Rights or Duties?
12. The Problem of Unemployment
13. Daridranarayan
14. The Gospel of Bread Labour
15. Sarvodaya
16. Theory of Trusteeship
17. Non-violent Economy
18. The Way to Equal Distribution
19. India’s Record of Non-violence
20. The Sarvodaya State
21. Satyagraha and Duragraha
22. The Tillers of the Soil
23. Back to the Village
24. Every Village a Republic
25. Panchayat Raj
26. Village Industries
27. What the Government Can Do
28. Village Exhibitions
29. The Music of the Spinning Wheel
30. The Mill Industry
31. The Gospel of Swadeshi
32. Cow Protection
33. Co-operative Cttle-farming
34. Village Sanitation
35. Village Health
36. Village Diet
37. The Village Worker
38. All-round Village Service
39. A Call to Youth
40. The Nation’s Health, Hygiene and Diet
41. Drink and Drugs
42. Urban Sanitation
43. Evil Wrought by the Foreign Medium
44. My Own Experience
45. India’s Cultural Heritage
46. The New Education
47. Basic Education
48. Higher Education
49. Ashram Ideal of Education
50. National Language and Script
51. Provincial Languages
52. Hindi in the South
53. A Code for Students
54. Regeneration of Indian Women
55. Women’s Education
56. Birth-Control
57. Sex Education
58. Children
59. Communal Unity
60. Varnashrama Dharma
61. The Curse of Untouchability
62. Religious Tolerance in India
63. Proselytization
64. Problems of Administration
65. Reorganization of Provinces
66. The Problem of Minorities
67. The Indian Governor
68. The Press
69. Peace Brigades
70. Indian National Congress
71. India, Pakistan and Kashmir
72. Foreign Settlement in India
73. India and World Peace
74. The Message of the East
75. Obiter Dicta

End Notes


 About the Author

The great name Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) is one of the most widely recognized in the world. His autobiography has been translated into all the major languages. In the first half of his life, Gandhi suffered from a debilitating shyness. After practicing law in South Africa and India, in his middle and later years, Gandhi was recurrently in contact with the man who would inspire his killing. Gandhi’s life of peace thus always had a tragic dimension. His assassination occurred On January 30, 1948, virtually in conjunction with the declared independence of India and Pakistan.


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