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Devika Rangachari Collection
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Tenali Raman Ki Chaturai Ki Kisse (Short Stories in HINDI)
by Devika Rangachari      (Author ALERT)

Our Price: $9.95 USD

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ProductID: 26481 - Paperback - 88 Pages (Year: 2008)
Scholastic ~ ISBN: 8176559717

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Everyone agreed that Raman of Tenali was very cleaver. As a boy, he exasperated people with his mischief just as much as he impressed them with his intelligence.

As jester in the court of King Krishna Devaraya, Tenali continued to entertain and annoy the king and courtiers in equal measure. But underlying the buffoonery an audacious exploits was a keen concern for truth and a desire to bring to light the follies of men and society.

This collection of eighteen stories contains all the wit and wisdom that make the stories of Tenali Raman so widely read and well loved.

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 Table of Contents

Notes on Tenali Raman

Two Boons
Going to Court
The Biter Bit
The Care of Horses
The Famous Fruit
The Art of the Painter
The one Who Never Yawned
A Bee in the Royal Bonnet
The Bundle of Wisdom
To Wager a Head
Danger in the Garden
The Snake in the Grass
Of Mangoes and Rods
The Bribal Shoe
Well water and Hot Water
Less or More
Food for Thought
The Old Man and the Seed



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