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Pandit Jasraj Collection
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Pandit Jasraj - Night Ragas - Vol. 2 (Vocal + Instrumental) (MUSIC CD)
by Pandit Jasraj      (Author ALERT)

Our Price: $18.45 USD

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ProductID: 2737 - Jewel Case - Pages (Year: 2004)
Music Today ~ ISBN: CDA92085

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Buy Together: Pandit Jasraj - Night Ragas - Vol. 2 (Vocal + Instrumental) (MUSIC CD) ($18.45) and Great Voices of India (2 MUSIC CD Collection) ($23.75)

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Volume Two

Raga Hamir (15 : 05)
Padma Talwalkar (Vocal)
with Omkar Gulvady (Tabla)
Govind Patwardhan (Harmonium)

Raga Tilak Karmod (15 : 00)
Shahid Parvez (Sitar)
Vijay Ghate (Tabla)

Raga Bageshwari ( 30 : 20)
PANDIT Jasraj (Vocal)
Appa Jalgaonkar (Harmonium)
Kedar Pandit (Tabla)


 About the Author

One of the most popular contemporary khayal singers, Pt. Jasraj belongs to the Mewati gharana. His sonorous voice effortlessly traveses over all three and half octaves, Pandit Jasraj¬s vocal are characterised by a blend of austere and opulent elements, projecting traditional music and an intense spiritual expression at once chaste and densly coloured .He has perfect diction, clarity of sur and command over all aspects of laya are other highlights of his music. He pays great attention to the choice of the composition and the words in it. This sensitivity together with his pure classical approach have given his music a lyrical quality which is the quintessence of the Mewati style of singing.

His biggest contribution to Indian music is the simple rendition of raga while maintaing its grammar. He is also credited for creating an unique and novel jugalbandi based on the ancient system of moorchanas, between male and female vocalists, each singing their respective scales and different ragas at the same time. He has also devoted a lot of time and energy in encouraging and promting new talent.

Born into a family which has given to Indian music four generations of outstanding musicians, the Mewati maestro, Pandit Jasraj had his initial grooming in music under his father, the late Motiramji. He started his career as an accompanist tabla player. He then underwent intensive tutelage under his elder brother and guru, the late Sangeet Mahamahapadhyaya Pandit Maniramji.

He has been guided by his spiritual guru, the late Maharana Shri Jaiwant Singhji of Sanand. He has received numerous awards and titles, including Padmabushan, Sangeet Markand, Sangeet Natak Academy award and Rajiv Gandhi Award for professional excellence.


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