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Park Jae Woo Collection
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Sujok Ki - Healing Through Our Triorigin Energy Cosmos
by Park Jae Woo      (Author ALERT)

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ProductID: 31360 - Paperback - 292 Pages (Year: 2011)
Su Jok Academy ~ ISBN: 9788190977913

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The book is intended for wide public reading. It is of special interest for doctors, medical students, specialists of various systems of alternative medicine, and for all those who are open and willing to explore the new simple methods of treatment for maintaining health and treatment of diseases more efficiently.

The book is written in a simple language which is easy for understanding and is intended for the broadest readership.

 Table of Contents


Chapter I - Sujok Ki Spirit
Chapter II – Triorigin Consciousness (Principle)
Chapter III – Energy System (Ki) of our Self
Chapter IV – Life Energy System – Triorigin Model Order
Chapter V – Meridian Sujok Ki

1. Body Meridian and Byol Meridian Topography
2. Understanding Energy Level
3. For Beginners ! How to Remember the Energy
4. Flow in Meridians
5. How to apply Magnets?
6. Finger Magnets
7. Equilibrium between left and Right half body Meridians
8. Selection of Meridian

(a) On the Basis of Disharmony Along selected Meridian
(b) On the Basis of Diseased Organ, Tissue, Functional System, Emotion, Mentals
(c) On the Basis of Six Ki Symptoms and Syndromes

9. Meridian Sujok Ki – Application Diagnosis and Treatment
10. Duration of Application of Magnets
11. Advance Diagnosis
12. Flow Chart – Application Diagnosis and Treatment

Chapter VI – Diamond Sujok Ki

13. Diamond Energy System of Body
14. Energy Flow Direction
15. Standard Location for Stick Magnets
16. Selection of Religion Border Meridians

(a.) On the Basis of Local Diamond Energy Systems
(b.) On the Basis of whole Diamond Energy Systems

17. Diamond Sujok Ki – Application Diagnosis and Treatment
18. Creation Triorigin Order
19. Flow Chart – Application Diagnosis and Treatment

Chapter VII – Chakra Sujok Ki


20. Chakra Location and Energy Flow Direction
21. How to apply Chakra Sujok Ki with Magnets
22. Selection of Chakras
(a) On the basis of Location of Disease
(b) On the basis of Diseased Organ, Tissue, Functional System, Emotions, Mentals
(c) On the basis of Six Ki Symptoms amd Syndromes

23. Chakra Sujok Ki – Application Diagnosis and Treatment
24. Flow Chart – Application Diagnosis and Treatment

Chapter VIII – Local Sujok Ki


25. One Point Local Sujok Ki
26. Two Point Local Sujok Ki
27. Line Point Local Sujok Ki
28. Line Local Sujok Ki
29. Multipoint Local Sujok Ki

Chapter IX – Zone Sujok Ki (Introduction)
Chapter X – Clinical Cases

30. Sujok Ki – Frequently Asked Questions



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