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RadhaKrishna Sreemali Collection
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Dus Mahavidya - Sadhana Rahsya (HINDI)
by RadhaKrishna Sreemali      (Author ALERT)

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ProductID: 32234 - Paperback - 465 Pages (Year: 2012)
Diamond ~ ISBN: 8171829244

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Das Mahavidyas in in a class by itself. It is an elaboration of the Kali rupa with her cycle of ten embodiments. In terms of iconography, it is a rich understanding of Tantra - the ancient Indian tradition wherein woman is the prime mover and ambassadress of evolution and enlightenment. Even if one were not initiated into these systems and strands, this book shows lucidly how the ten-formed Kali becomes a zymology typifying change, sensitization and upliftement.

Imbued with insights drawn from modern psychology, folk-wisdom and the deepest wellsprings of a thinking heart, Das Mahavidya becomes an evolutionary scale for humans, a methodology for walking the spiritual path. It shows a way to coalesce immanent and transcendent, human and sublime, desire and illumination. This book dares outlining in depth and detail Das Mahavidyas as long as it is understood that symbols which express certain facts of the mundane worlds cannot be adequately expressed in rational, discursive discourse.



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