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A N D Haksar Collection
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Shuka Saptati - Seventy Tales of the Parrot
by A N D Haksar      (Author ALERT)

This item is currently out of production. Information below is provided for reference only. To be informed when this item is back in production Contact Us

ProductID: 3233 - Paperback - 232 Pages (Year: 2000)
HarperCollins ~ ISBN: 8172233701

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A well known cycle of stories in classical Sanskrit literature, the tales are told by a pet parrot to its young mistress to distract her from going to her lover during her husband's absence on a journey abroad.

For seventy nights the bird detains the heroine Prabhavati at home with accounts of illicit liaisons, ensuring complications and clever escapes. These irreverent, sometimes ribald and always uninhabited tales of passion and intrigue, cunning and credulity are interspersed with cynical verse homilies and wise percepts from famous classics. Set amidst the common life of towns and villages in ancient India, they also constitute an absorbing social document.

The present is the first complete translation into English of the extant Sanskrit text which dates to about the twelfth century AD. The stories are much older but were so far inaccessible to modern readers. This lively and faithful rendering by a distinguished Sanskritist now fills this gap.

 Table of Contents


1. Lakshmi and the Unexpected Lover
2. Yasho Devi Entices the Princess
3. Kutil and Vimal
4. The Disastrous Fate of Govinda
5. The Fish Which Laughed
6. The Importance of Keeping a Secret
7. The Importance of Keeping a Secret-II
8. Do Not Insist Too Much
9. Do Not Insist Too Much-II
10. Shringaravati Helps Her Co-Wife
11. How Rmbhika Had Her Way
12. Shobhika saves Her Lover
13. Rajika Finds an Excuse
14. Dhanashri's Hair Braid
15. The Ordeal of Shreya Devi
16. The Mutual Lockout
17. The Smooth Talking Brahmin
18. The Ready Wit of the Mustard Thief
19. Santika Saves Her Husband and His Lover
20. Kalika Dupes Her Spouse
21. The Intelligence of Mandodari
22. The Farmer's Wife
23. The Clever Procures
24. Sajjani's Presence of Mind
25. Tales of the Two Sadhus
26. Ratna Devi and Her Two Lovers
27. The Thong
28. Devika Convinces Her Husband
29. Sundari and the Spectre
30. A Ghoulish Choice
31. The Lion and the Rabbit
32. Rajini's Reply
33. The Four Lovers of Rambhika
34. How Shambhu Reclaimed the Sari
35. How Shambak Got Back His Ring
36. The Tactfulness of Nayini
37. The Ploughman's Response
38. The Brahmin's Ring
39. Bhoodhar and the Balance
40. Subuddhi and Kubuddhi
41. The Incantation of Spring
42. The Tiger Slayer
43. The Tiger Slayer - II
44. The Tiger Slayer - III
45. The Worsting of Vishnu
46. The Brahmin and the Ghost
47. The Brahmin and the Ghost - II
48. The two Mares
49. The Ring of Can
50. Dharmabuddhi and Dushtabuddhi
51. Gangil's Bluff
52. Jayashri and the Four Gems
53. Devika Averts a Crisis
54. The Ambassador's Presence of Mind
55. The Brahmin and the Shoemaker
56. The Merchant and the Bandits
57. The King and the Poet
58. The Pledge of a Kiss
59. Rukmini's Remarkable Deed
60. The Marvellous Assembly Hall
61. Tejuka and the Physician
62. The Two Wives of the Warrior
63. The Example of Shakatal
64. The Bull's Bell
65. A Play of Words
66. The Wise Swan
67. The Monkey and the Crocodile
68. A Pea of Insanity
69. How Vejika Saved Her Reputation
70. The Final Story



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