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R K Narayan - The Early Years: 1906 - 1945
by Susan Ram ,  N Ram      (Author ALERT)

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ProductID: 3814 - Hardcover - 462 Pages (Year: 1996)
Penguin/Viking ~ ISBN: 0-670-87525-2

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Meticulously researched and lovingly detailed, this work provides a splendid insight into the first four decades of the life of one of India's finest writers.

The most widely read Indian writer in the English language, R K Narayan, is also one of the most reclusive, having always preferred to let his work speak for itself. In this, the first of a two-volume biography, the authors closely examine Narayan's life and work, illuminating the sources of his inspiration. They recount his childhood and youth in Madras and Mysore, the history of his family, his perseverance as a young writer in the face of rejections and commercial failures, his long-standing friendship with Graham Green, and his relationship with wife Rajam, to whom he was a devoted husband, and daughter Hema. The death of Rajam in 1939, barely five years after their marriage was a shattering experience for Narayan, and the latter half of the book recreates this period of desolation which was to have profound consequences for his writing.

Besides Narayan's published works and interviews and recollections of relatives and friend, this brilliant biography draws on hitherto inaccessible material: the fifty-year two-way correspondence between Narayan and Greene, conversations with the writer over the past ten years, and hundreds of sheets of 'automatic writing' and the 'psychic journal' from the period which Narayan attempted to establish contact with his dead wife in 1939-40

Meticulously researched and lovingly detailed, R K Narayan, The Early Years, provides a splendid insight into the first four decades of the life of one of India's finest writers.


Susan Ram writer and broadcaster was born in London in 1950. She was educated at the University of York (UK) and at the University of Sussex. In 1975 she came to India as a doctoral student and married N Ram the following year. Susan Ram has written on variety of subjects including Indian and British politics, and contemporary English literature. Since her first meeting with R K Narayan in 1985, she has written profiles of the author and also conducted interviews with him for television.

N Ram, journalist and writer was born in 1945 in Madras. He was educated at Loyola and Presidency colleges in Madras and at the Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University, New York. Born into a newspaper-owning family, he as Associate Editor of The Hindu and is now Editor, Frontline, Business Line and The Sportstar. He has won a number of awards and honors, including the Padma Bhushan, for his journalism. He is best known for his expose of the Bofors corruption scandal.



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