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Francois Gautier Collection
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Arise O India
by Francois Gautier      (Author ALERT)

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ProductID: 6709 - Hardcover - 184 Pages (Year: 2001)
Har-Anand ~ ISBN: 8124105189

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A Western Journalist in India - The Ferengi's Columns
by Francois Gautier Description

A book exhorting Arise O India, thy time has come again!

It was always thought that India was a melting post of different influences coming from the West and that she owes many of her achievements, her sciences, philosophy, or religion - to outside cultures, whether it is by the way of the Aryan invasions, or the Greek incursion of Alexander the Great. But more and more discoveries, both archeological and linguistic, are pointing to exactly the opposite direction: in the two millenniums preceding Jesus Christ's birth, it is Indian civilization which went gradually west-wards and influenced the religions, the sciences and the philosophies of many of the civilizations which are considered today by the West as the cradle of its culture and thought.

As the third millennium has dawned, there are two giants in Asia: China and India. But China is in the iron grip of a communist dictatorship since 1948, while India, whatever her shortcomings, has remained a democracy from the time of independence and the spirit of dharma has been preserved in this holy land, in spite of ten centuries of bloody invasions.

As the West is beginning to realize that China is not the economic goldmine it thought, its eyes are turning more and more towards India and slowly, the imagers which clung to the land of Bharat for hundreds of years: poverty, Calcutta, the ubiquitous caste system, or Mother Teresa, are beginning to fade away.

Arise O India, thy time has come again.

 Table of Contents

Who are the Hindus?

The Secret of the Vedas

The Influence of Indus India on the Western World

The Wonder that "was" India

Islam and the Muslim Invasions

Negationism and the Muslim Conquests

The European Invasions

The Three Great Disinformations on India

The Independence Movement

1947 : Independence

India Today

The Threats From Within

The Threats From Without

"The Horror that is India"

India Outside : True Federalism

India, Spiritual Leader of the World

'The Final Dream'



 About the Author

FRANCOIS GAUTIER, born in Paris in 1950, is a French journalist and photographer. He is the political correspondent in India and South Asia for ' Le Figaro ', the newspaper, which has the largest circulation in France and 'Le Nouveau Quotidian', one of Switzerland's foremost dailies. He is married to an Indian and has lived in India for the past 25 Years, which he says has helped him to see through the usual clichés and prejudices on India, to which he subscribed for a long time as most foreign journalists, writers and historians do. Francois, who writes the 'Ferengi's column' in the Indian Express, shuttles between Delhi and the international city of Auroville near Pondicherry, where he resides most of the time.


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