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Francois Gautier Collection
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The Guru of Joy
by Francois Gautier      (Author ALERT)

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ProductID: 7257 - Hardcover - 269 Pages (Year: 2002)
Books Today ~ ISBN: 818747842X

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This is the authorized biography of one of the most magnetic men in the would today. A man who has an ever growing following of millions across the globe. From Bangalore to Bosnia, Surinam to South Africa, Tamil Nadu to Trinidad, his presence, grace and techniques has touched and transformed lives.

A tireless traveler, he has addressed The United Nations, the World Economic Forum and bright young minds at Harvard University. In a world torn by strife, he has carried the eternal message of love and revival of human values. Wherever he goes, people from all walks of life – housewives, business barons, politicians, and film stars – seek his blessings and advice.

Amazingly, he manages to make each one feel special and cherished. He exudes love, innocence and joy in every gesture. At the same time, he has practical answers for all the problems plaguing us today – terrorism, war, political dysfunction, personal conflicts.

Who is this playfully profound, childlike, ever-smiling guru whose avowed mission is to put a smile on the face of every person he meets? He is Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of the international Art of Living Foundation, with centers in over 140 countries in the world.

This insightful volume offers you hitherto unpublished material about his childhood, his adolescence and growth. Read about his organization, the Healing Breath Workshop he has devised, and the Sudershan Kriya, a transformative process that has miraculous healing powers. Read about a man who preaches no religion but teaches, through example, the meaning of true spirituality: being ever joyful.

 Table of Contents


A Boat Ride in Benaras

A Sceptic’s Tryst with Serenity

A Silence That is Celebration

The way it All Began

Being an AOL Teacher

Truth through The Kaleidoscope

The Frame That Holds The Picture

The Courses

Medical Courses

The Disciples

The Miracles

Sri Sri’s Answers For The Twenty-first Century

A Glimpse into Eternity


 About the Author

FRANCOIS GAUTIER, born in Paris in 1950, is a French journalist and photographer. He is the political correspondent in India and South Asia for ' Le Figaro ', the newspaper, which has the largest circulation in France and 'Le Nouveau Quotidian', one of Switzerland's foremost dailies. He is married to an Indian and has lived in India for the past 25 Years, which he says has helped him to see through the usual clichés and prejudices on India, to which he subscribed for a long time as most foreign journalists, writers and historians do. Francois, who writes the 'Ferengi's column' in the Indian Express, shuttles between Delhi and the international city of Auroville near Pondicherry, where he resides most of the time.


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